How to Leverage the Power of On-screen Advertising for Businesses?


Multiplexes are an integral part of today’s generation.It is a vital source of entertainment and leisure.After days of strenuous work pressure people want a getaway,and multiplexes are the perfect destination.If it’s seen in a business point of view it provides a prospect for On-screen advertising as well.

cinemaWith the advent of multiplexes,On-screen advertising is on the rise as businesses have seen a spark for prospective consumers.Multiplexes are mostly situated in shopping malls which  definitely guarantees footfall.It also boasts of a diverse age group,which is a blessing for businesses as they have a bigger target audience.Since the range of cinemagoers is quite extensive,businesses can chalk out and formulate ideas and creatives according to the prefered audience.Every movie generates a different set of audience, for example,a Blockbuster movie will always generate more people and a vast age group so its a great chance for advertisers to showcase their campaign among a huge audience.

The business house has to carefully decide and sort out what their target audience is,the planning must be based according to the kind of movies and the kind of moviegoers who go to watch it.Family oriented advertisements are suited for family and animation movies.Same goes in the case of action movies,the advertiser can launch ads which appeal to the youth(cold drink ads,adventure themed ads).Knowing the taste of the viewer is pretty important if the advertisement has to be effective.Businesses should have a detailed idea about the multiplexes,number of seats,kind of movies shown,timings of the shows.This enables proper planning and execution,otherwise the campaign can fail and result in losses.Top multiplexes such as INOX,CINEMAX,PVR,BIG CINEMAS, always generate a large audience,specially in metros.These multiplexes boast of a large number of seats and even though execution of a campaign may prove a bit expensive,but they sure will provide businesses a substantial audience.

The other benefit of On-screen advertising is the non-avoidance of advertisements.In television or radio the viewer/listener tends to switch the channel or station durind advertisements,they do not have this option in a multiplex.Here they need to sit out through the commercial,which only ensures maximum viewership.This is a good sign as the chance of missing out on details is minimal.Another point which the businesses should bear in mind is that if the commercial appeals to the viewer,there is a chance the person might actually go and purchase the product.So business houses must ensure that the advertisement is highly engaging and capable of tingling the viewer’s buyer mechanism.hAnother option for businesses is that they can provide offers and discounts on products which are applicable only on a certain movie and on a certain time.This gives the viewer a feeling of exclusivity and it may affect his purchasing capability.

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On-screen advertising is here to stay.Its massive appeal and range of viewers is innumerable.Business houses have a great chance to showcase specific products to a specific audience set.And with the growing technological advancements its safe to say that its going to stay for a long time.