Promote your business through newspaper advertising!

Newspaper- Advertising

Newspaper advertising is an ultimate destination. The myth that it is a double edged sword and it just gives exposure and generates leads but the responses are not impressive, needs to be broken. It is a necessity to endorse small businesses through newspaper advertising these days as Newspapers are an emotive medium!

Here are 5 definitive reasons why newspaper advertising is more preferred by and should be the trend for the small businesses…

  1. One can have positive expectations from advertising in the newspaper: Generally, newspaper advertisements are considered less intrusive, as one expects them to be in the newspaper, hence the response generated by reading the advertisements is somewhat positive and a negative consumer reaction is unlikely.
  2. Targeted Group: Newspapers can get a targeted & a specific audience for the small business. The Business owners can reach out to their targeted audiences  and targeted groups via the targeted readers of the newspapers very ingeniously. newspaper-ads
  3. Proactive Audience: Newspaper readers often actively look for advertising in newspapers to search for deals and coupons. For small businesses, placing the ad in a newspaper not necessarily guarantee that readers will notice it, but a reader actively looking for deals is likely to notice the ad, take the time to read it and possibly act on a sale or an offer.
  4. More than one option available to Businesses: Newspapers offers small business owners a wide range of advertising solutions which are according to their own convenience & budget. They have options to select the type of advertisements they want, which include classified ads, display ads, column ads, half-page or full-page spreads and many such other options. Here, releaseMyAd comes to the rescue of Small businesses. releaseMyAd -a Kolkata-based advertising platform, is  the largest advertisement booking agents to book Classified & Display Advertisements across India for almost all the newspapers. The small business owners get a chance to select the ad type they want, they can compare the ad rates. The small and the medium sized enterprises generally do not have an access to specialist agencies for campaign planning, media buying, and ad development. Through releaseMyAd, advertisers can create customized campaigns, choosing options varying from the choice of the city/edition they want their advertisements to be published in since releaseMyAd has offices across the country to the duration of the campaign.
  5.  The Reputation: The newspapers, with time, build up a reputation for themselves. They work hard to create relationships with the readers and build a loyal customer base. By advertising with a trusted newspaper which has built up a loyal customer base, the small businesses can put up a positive reputation for themselves by creating a loyal base for themselves too.

Travel Solutions, a seven-year-old car service rental provider, located in Pune is a live example of how small businesses are promoted through newspaper advertising. Travel Solutions started its newspaper advertising through releaseMyAd.  Since the rates at which they provided the services were very economical, they had budget constraints. They began with advertising in national newspapers like Times of India & later shifted to cheaper regional newspapers which had lower rates and more accurate penetration in local areas. Advertising in local newspapers of various regions got impressive responses. Jiten Kohli, the Operations Manager of Travel Solutions, says “I believe, regional newspapers are the best advertising medium for local car rental services. We continue to advertise in newspapers and will do so in future as well since most of our revenue is generated from customers approaching through newspapers”.

“The window to the world can be covered by a newspaper”. This quote, by the   Famous Polish Poet, Stanisław Jerzy Lec, exactly tells the reason as to why newspaper advertising works for small businesses!