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Business development, in simple terms, can be referred to as the sum total of all activities that are undertaken with the purpose of making a business better. Business development consists of ideas, initiatives, endeavours and strategies that contribute towards achieving a host of organisational goals. These goals include increasing revenues, boosting sales, expansion of the business, sustainability, increasing profitability and growth, making strategic decisions, building mutually beneficial partnerships and many others.

There are various job titles for people who are engaged in such activities. Titles such as ‘Business Development Executive’, ‘Business Development Manager’, ‘Head of Business Development’, ‘VP, Business Development’ are often used interchangeably in business parlance, and the job roles entail activities such as marketing, strategy development and implementation, sales promotion and market development. 

All too often, people tend to mistake these activities as the sole objective of business development, when in fact, all these activities are part of business development. Business development is a field with a wide and diverse scope, as all initiatives undertaken are done with the purpose of improving the performance of the business. 

Hire Business Development Ads in Newspaper

There can be several distinct yet overlapping business development objectives, such as increasing sales for the next quarter, business expansion, new strategic alliances, and even reducing the organisation’s environmental footprint. 

When business development is successfully implemented, it positively affects every department within the organisation, such as manufacturing, human resources, sales, marketing, accounting and finance, vendor management and product development. 

Business development is a highly pervasive and very forward thinking function. That being said, people in this field are highly skilled and hold impressive qualifications. They are the people who are keenly on the lookout for new opportunities and possibilities that, when taken full advantage of, help in the growth and contribute to the prosperity of the business. 

Business development activities spread across different business functions and departments. Sales, marketing, recruitment, product development, market research, and others. 

Hiring the best business development executives is challenging in today’s competitive business world. Just as it is difficult to hire the best talent within a short period of time, people seeking a business development position look for the best opportunities on online job portals, or via professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn. Others, meanwhile, use the classic word of mouth approach and harness the connections of their social and professional contacts. 

However, the one method of recruitment that has stood the test of time is the newspaper advertisement. In a country like India, where newspapers are widely regarded as authentic and reliable sources of information, people depend on the classifieds section to find what they are looking for. 

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