As a Bengali looking to get married, which newspaper should you advertise in?


In India every state has its very own set of marriage traditions and rituals, Bengal too has few rituals that the entire of India consider amusing and interesting. Like the Aiburo bhaat , which is the last meal taken by the individual while the individual is still not married, apart from these are various rituals that make a Bengali wedding ceremony not only ‘larger than life’ but also unique and enjoyable.

For booking a Bengali community matrimonial ad, you should first look for the most popular newspapers in your area. Anandabazar Patrika, Dainik Sambad, Dainik Jugasankha, Uttarbanga Sambad, Ei Samay, Ekdin, Pratidin, Aajkaal, Daily Kalom, Dainik Statesman, Dainik Prantajyoti and Tripura Darpan are the most popular options available for your Bengali matrimonial ads. 

  1. Anandabazar Patrika – In 1876, in a small village of Magura at Jessore district, a bengali newspaper was published by the name of Anandabazar, however the newspaper died soon. In 1922 it was relaunched as Anandabazar Patrika.

It has circulation in Kolkata, Burdwan, North Bengal, North and South 24 Pgs, Hooghly, Nadia, Murshidabad, Asansol-Durgapur, Birbhum, Bankura, Howrah, Medinipur and Purulia. The cost for Kolkata edition is Rs 3600/130 characters, for North Bengal, it is Rs 650/130 characters and for the rest of them, the standard cost is Rs 3120/130 characters. Sunday is the ad publishing day and for that, you book your ad two days before.

  1. Dainik Sambad – This leading Bengali daily published from Agartala, is the largest newspaper circulated in North-East India. As a Bengali residing in Agartala , you can look for suitable partners from the Bengali community through this newspaper. The ad cost is Rs 200/20 words, the booking deadline is two days and the ad publishing day is Sunday.
  2. Dainik Jugasankha – Founded by Baidyanath Nath in 1950 , this newspaper was published from Silchar and later expanded to other regions in the 21st century. Your matrimonial ad will be available in Kolkata , Silchar , Siliguri and Guwahati.You will incur a cost of Rs 500/30 words for Kolkata edition and for all other editions the cost is Rs 2000/30 words. It will post your advert on Sunday and you need to make the reservations two days prior to your ad publishing date
  3. Uttarbanga Sambad – This Bengali language broadsheet newspaper was first published from Siliguri. Coochbehar , Malda and Siliguri are the only three locations where this newspaper is circulated. You can release your matrimonial ads on Sundays. You need to reserve your ad’s date two days before your requirement. The ad cost for all the editions is Rs 350/50 characters.
  4. Ei Samay – It is a Bengali-language daily newspaper from The Times Group , which was founded in 2012 to enter into a head to head competition with Anandabazar Patrika. Kolkata is the only available location for this newspaper and you have to pay Rs 1250/5 lines. You can expect your matrimonial ad on Sundays and  must book the ad one day before your request.
  5. Ekdin – It is a Bengali daily newspaper that has circulation only in Kolkata. It charges only Rs 250/50 characters.In order to get your ad posted on Sunday you need to complete the booking by Saturday.
  6. Pratidin – Like Ekdin this newspaper too has circulation only in Kolkata. You can post classified text and display matrimonial ads only on Sunday. The charge is Rs 350/50 characters. The reservations must be made two days before your preferred date.
  7. Aajkaal – It is the second oldest surviving Bengali daily of West Bengal. Kolkata is the only area of it’s circulation. The charge is as low as Rs 140/12 words.Your ad will be published on Sunday and for that you should make the booking one day before.
  8. Daily Kalom – 40,000 copies of Daily Kalom are circulated in Kolkata which happens to be the sole location available for this newspaper. For a classified text ad you will be charged Rs 200/60 characters while for the classified display ad is Rs 1500/(4cm x cm). To get your ad displayed on Sunday edition you must book your ad by Friday that week.
  9. Dainik Statesman – This Statesman group run newspaper, became popular only after the Singur and Nandigram clashes in 2006. You have two location options which are Kolkata and Siliguri and the charge is Rs 320/16 words for both of them. Just like the above newspapers this newspaper too publishes matrimonial ads on Sunday and the booking deadline is two days.
  10. Dainik Prantajyoti – This Bengali-daily newspaper from Silchar,Assam has it’s distribution only in Guwahati. The cost text ad is Rs 750/30 words and for display ad is Rs 4,750(3.8 x 5 cm). You must book your ad two days in advance and will see your ad published on Sunday. 
  11. Tripura Darpan – This Bengali daily newspaper has its head office in Agartala and is circulated only in Tripura.The display ad cost is 2,813(4.5 x 5 cm). You get to view your ad on Sunday and the booking deadline is the same as Dainik Prantajyoti.

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