The Secret Formula For Discovering Your Ideal Bengali Matrimonial Match

The Secret to Ideal Bengali Matrimonial Matches
Seeking Bengali Matrimonial Matches

Bengalis are an extremely liberal community. Even though a substantial section of the community believes in Arranged Marriages even today, they consider the choice of the prospective bride or groom before their own. But much like most matrimonial match seekers, even Bengalis need a platform to look for relevant matches. In case of matrimonial matches, including Bengali Matrimonial matches, people intend to be careful and do their research before finally tying the knot. But before any kind of research, getting introduced to the right prospects through the appropriate medium is also essential. Most Bengali matrimony match seekers look for prospective brides or grooms through 3 mediums, namely,   a)      Through Extended or Close Family Members, mainly Seniors and even Friends b)      Through Online Matrimonial Sites c)       Through Newspaper Matrimonial Advertisements Having done our research with 500 prospective matrimonial matches, we discovered the secret behind each of these matrimonial match seeking platforms. What do you think can be the best and most trustworthy platform for finding that ideal match? Let’s analyze our options.  Newspaper Matrimonial Advertisements 

Newspaper Bengali Matrimonial Ads

Bengalis are avid newspaper readers and they consider Newspapers to be the most trusted source for advertising ever since it had started printing advertisements. Since ages, they have considered Newspaper Matrimonial Ads to be of the only authentic source of finding the ideal match, irrespective of their age or generation. Most Bengali language dailies have a special section dedicated to matrimony advertisers which is published on a specific day. For Instance, Anandabazar Patrika Matrimonial ads are published in a separate section named Patro-Patri. Even Telegraph Matrimonial, which is an English daily headed by the ABP Group of Publications is a highly preferred newspaper for Bengali matrimony ads. For both these newspapers, the matrimonial section is published on a weekly basis every Sunday.  Another popular Bengali newspaper quite recently launched by the Times Group is Ei Somoy which also has a matrimonial section receiving a huge number of ads every week. This section too is published every Sunday the number of matrimonial ads is rapidly growing for this publication as well. 

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Reasons to choose Newspaper Matrimonial Advertising

  • Newspaper ads are paid ads which eliminates the chances of fake profiles to a great extent as non-serious prospects are not likely to spend money to advertise in a matrimonial section.
  • You can access the preferred regions as per your requirement and even publish your ad in Bengali itself depending on the newspaper you choose.
  • Newspaper Bengali Matrimonial are categorized based on caste, community or profession which helps narrow down the search for the match seekers as they reach out to prospects with similar requirements maximizing the chances of relevant responses

Online Matrimonial Portals  Nowadays we find specific portals which are dedicated to Bengali Matrimonial Match seeking. People mainly opt for online matrimonial sites for convenience sake, to make the process faster and to avail as many options as possible.  But how reliable are these sites?Issues Faced By Online Bengali Matrimonial Match Seekers 

  • There have been numerous cases wherein match seekers have been inflicted with unnecessary and problematic encounters with unwanted suitors.

    Find Out The Best Way to find the Ideal Bengali Matrimonial Match
  • Many of these online profiles consist of magnified and incorrect details that can be harmful to the genuinely interested prospect.
  • Another issue is that online matrimony allow the match seekers to set up free profiles enables irrelevant or dubious profiles or suitors to contact Genuine match seekers.
  • Also, online matchmaking services are not focused on any particular location which entails too many irrelevant profile searches.

Family Networks  Another common medium for Bengali Matrimonial match seeking is through extended or distant family relatives, specifically via the senior members of the family. Since this process has been going on for ages, it surely is a trusted medium, more so because these matches are introduced by family members, who are a trusted entity for all individuals. But in spite of such faith, this medium to has 2 major issues involved in it:

  • The opinion towards the matches selected is often biased limiting the choice of possible prospects
  • The number of profiles or matrimonial matches becomes extremely limited and restricted to only the shortlisted options

Based on this analysis it can be established that your Maker should be none other than a newspaper of your choice, circulated across regions you intend to target. Since booking newspaper ads may seem to be a cumbersome and time-consuming task, an online portal namely releaseMyAd is offered to you to simplify your newspaper ad booking process. You just need to follow 3 simple steps as directed in our Online Ad Booking Tutorial to book your ad with us. For more help and information on publishing your Bengali Matrimonial Ad in a newspaper, you can email us at or Along with this, you can visit our Matrimonial FAQ Section to get answers to your questions or call us on 09830629298.