Discover the Secret about the Best Ways to Look for Work from Home Candidates

Unleash The Secret Behind Getting Skilled Work From Home Applicants
Women Seeking Work From Home Jobs

Considering the fast-paced lifestyle of people and increasing competition in our day-to-day life, a lot of people especially women have adopted a way to grow professionally as well as take care of their household chores. A lot of women and men look for ‘Work from Home’ job opportunities for some extra income which include a substantial number of college or university students. This helps them get a hang of the work they either intend to pursue in future and earn their pocket money.

This ensures the huge availability of ‘Work From Home Candidates’ in India who intend to balance their personal and professional life, earn some extra money and learn different things in the process. Recruiters are exposed to mainly 3 options when looking for ‘Work From Home’ job opportunities-

–          Consultancies

–          Online Job Portals

–          Newspapers

Following a research conducted on about 100 Recruitment Advertisers from across India, quite a few advantages and disadvantages associated with these 3 portals were revealed.  The research has also helped us evaluate and understand each portal separately and discover the best medium for effective Recruitment Advertising.

Students Seeking Work From Home Jobs

Newspaper Recruitment Ads

Newspaper Recruitment ads are lot more beneficial compared to other job search portals. They have been an age old medium to look for dependable and genuine candidates seeking suitable work opportunities. The benefits of advertising in a newspaper are mentioned below to assist you in comprehending the importance and relevance of newspaper ads.

Advantages of Newspaper Recruitment Advertising

  • Firstly, it is a trustworthy source due to certain verification procedures followed by many newspapers to ensure authenticity and proper background of the recruiting body imbibing the faith of the job seekers
  • Every educated family in India receives at least 1 newspaper in their house. Even offices and commercial buildings subscribe to newspapers
  • Recruitment ads in newspapers, whether under classifieds or an attractive display advertisement, are paid for, which helps in ensuring the seriousness of the advertiser
  • Recruiters are relieved of unnecessary calls and communications from irrelevant candidates and tiresome screening process
  • In case of newspapers, you can actually reach out to a specific city or multiple cities with just one ad and one newspaper at once through an English or a regional language newspaper

For example, an advertiser needs to reach out to freelance candidates or Work from Home candidates from a South Indian region. He intends to hire those who are comfortable with Tamil and Telugu for translation work, then he should choose regional newspapers such as Eenadu (Telugu) or Daily Thanthi (Tamil) and publish the ad in those languages respectively. This will ensure that he gets responses from only those applicants who are aware of the language and are capable of doing the work.

Recruitment Consultancies

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As you may be aware of, Consultancies are a third party between the organisation and the job seeker. Companies who do not have an internal HR Recruitment department or candidates, who are unable to get jobs of their choice, approach such consultancies to help them resolve their issues.

Disadvantages of Recruitment Consultancies

  • Firstly consultancies rarely have any provisions for hiring Freelancers or Work From Candidates
  • Secondly, they charge quite a hefty sum of money from the recruiting organisation and at times even from the candidate
  • In spite of charging a high fee, they do not provide any guarantee to their clients about getting them desired candidates

Online Job Portals

With the advent of online services in India, quite a few online job portals have been established which can be directly accessed by candidates by a simple and instant Google Search. But even now in India, online job portals do not deliver the expected results to the job seekers or the recruiters.

Issues with Online Job Portals

  • Many of the online Work from Home Job Providing Portals are not authentic and are just ways to deceive people in to paying money for some sort of learner’s kit
  • Secondly, as easy as they are to find, they are also unreliable since the sources are not often verified and the charges for posting multiple ads is too low
  • Thirdly, such online job portals do not take any responsibility for any kind of fake recruitment ads which may deceive job seekers
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These points along with the trust factor is what drives most recruiters and applicants to turn to newspapers for any kind of job, including ‘work from home’ jobs. Newspaper ad booking may not seem as easy as subscribing to it and searching for jobs in it. Advertisers often have to either visit the publication house or pay extra to offline agents to get their ads published.

To resolve this issue, we have created an online platform to get your ‘work from home’ recruitment ads published in any Indian newspaper of your choice without investing that extra time, money or energy. You can conveniently book your ad, compose and design them and finally release them on any preferred date. You can also opt for online or offline payment mediums as per your convenience to pay for the ad booked. It’s that simple, fast and convenient.

To begin or for any help with the booking, simply email us on or for recruitment classified ads. For display ads you can email your requirements to or even call us on 09830629298.

You can even get answers to your queries related to recruitment advertisements then you can consult our Recruitment FAQ Section.