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Recruitment is a constant necessity in a country like India. There are certain regions which offer immense and lucrative opportunities for job seekers, especially in Maharashtra which include cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur etc. Maharashtra as a state offers huge job opportunities in various fields for people coming from different academic backgrounds. Since the state has so much opportunity, it also has a huge scope of recruiting talented, educated and skilled candidates.

It has the space and resources to tap the potential of almost every applicant. But for such huge career space to be utilized and resources to be tapped, communicating the same is the most essential thing. For communicating this, the next most important thing is a communicating platform. Therefore, it is essential to analyze and choose the most suitable platform for reaching out to potential candidates for a suitable position in any organization.

For Instance, Mumbai is the financial capital of India and is headquarter to a huge number of MNCs, ad agencies, Finance firms, IT companies and other small and medium companies which thrive on an extremely vast industrious space. So when you are looking for people from different sectors, educational backgrounds possessing different kinds of skills, you must know where and how to reach out to the people. You must make sure that the medium you have selected for such communication is the best and will ensure that your message is delivered to the right people.

There are numerous communication mediums in today’s day and age but the best, the most authentic and most trusted medium is a Newspaper. But a newspaper also needs to be selected based on its popularity, reach and effectiveness. For reaching out to your applicants across the whole of Maharashtra, the best option is to advertise in the Maharashtra Times recruitment section.

In Maharashtra Times, you can actually advertise in 3 different formats-Classified text, Classified Display and Display. Of these both Classified Text and Classified Display ad formats are published in the classified pages. Although classified display ads are priced in terms of their size or the space they occupy in a newspaper while text ads are charged as per the number of lines/words/characters used in the advertisement. Now Display ads are also measured in the same way as classified display ads in per sq.cxm unit but these ads are much larger in size and are not restricted to the classified pages. Based on your budget and intended reach, you can easily choose the preferred ad type and proceed with getting your ad published in the Maharashtra Times recruitment section or supplement as well.

There are several reasons for choosing Maharashtra Times for your recruitment or appointment advertisement to reach out to your target audience across Maharashtra which are listed below.

Reasons to Choose Maharashtra Times for your Recruitment Ads

  • Maharashtra Times also referred to as ‘Ma Taa’ as an abbreviation in Marathi is owned by the Times Group which owns the number one English Newspaper of India which ensures that it is a trusted and popular brand
  • Having a nick name in the regional language in which it is published is a sign that it is extremely popular and commonly read across the entire state of Maharashtra
  • It has a daily circulation of about 10 lakhs in Maharashtra alone and such a number is an achievement in itself in a state which is home to some of the biggest publication houses
  • Maharashtra Times has a readership which is as high as 12.17 lakhs making it one of the highest read regional newspapers and the most widely read Marathi language newspaper across the country
  • Since Maharashtra Times is published in Marathi, it reaches out to both the elite and general readers which ensures that your ad reaches out to a versatile audience and you can pick and choose your candidates as per you requirement and the vacancy available
  • The plus point of any regional newspaper is that you can publish both English and regional language ads in it without much editorial restrictions which again helps you segregate your target audience. As in, if you intend to reach out to applicants who are comfortable with both Marathi and English, depending on the communication skills you require, which is the most important trait in almost all applicants nowadays, you can the recruitment ad in English. In contrast, you only want to reach out to people who are comfortable with Marathi and being proficient English is not a mandatory, you can place your ad in Marathi itself

These are some of the essential reasons to choose Maharashtra Times for your recruitment ads. Also since it is owned by the Times Group, often lucrative combo deals are available with the help of which you can advertise in both the newspapers at a much lower cost. This can ensure you a much more vast and versatile audience and such packages are available online itself with their authorized online ad booking agents, namely

You can review, analyze and then proceed to book your Maharashtra Times Recruitment ads with us with complete assurance and satisfaction. Since we get the rates and packages directly from the publication and charge nothing extra for our online services. So get set to reach out to the most relevant candidates in Maharashtra with your recruitment ads in your own ‘Ma Taa’. Email us at or or call us on 09830629298 to get your ad booked. For your queries on rates, packages, booking process, payment options and more about Maharashtra Times, simply visit our Maharashtra Times FAQ page.