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Malayala Manorama matrimonial ads
Malayala Manorama-The most Popular Malayalam newspaper in India

The importance of marriage in India is quite extreme compared to other modern nations. While other countries believe that almost all marriages are based on love and mutual adjustments, a staggering majority of marriages in India are arranged by parents, relatives or senior members of the family. These arranged marriages mostly take place through associations introduced by senior family members or through the local priest or even via marriage bureaus. However, there is another extremely popular source used by many Indian households-Newspapers. Among these newspapers too, different publications are popular in different regions. One of the most popular modes of matrimonial match seeking in Southern India, especially Kerala is Malayala Manorama Matrimonial advertising.

With India changing so rapidly and emerging as a modern nation, the concept of arranged marriage has also become very different. Earlier, in case of arranged marriages, families would most often not consider the opinion of the bride or groom regarding the alliance. At times, the bride and groom would never even have spoken to one another until the marriage day. This was extremely risky not only because they did not know one another but more so, because marriages are supposed to last for a lifetime. Now, arranged marriages are viewed with a much broader mindset. Families nowadays allow the bride and groom to meet and converse with one another so that they can understand each other better. They are then provided ample time to get to know each other before deciding on getting married. This is can be compared to a “dating” period prior to the engagement and marriage. The final decision lies on the two people getting married rather than the family members.

Some ways that the families find these potential matches are through relatives, priests, marriage bureaus and the most common medium of all- newspaper matrimonial advertisements. These newspaper advertisements list the characteristics of the eligible girl or boy and the type of match they are looking for. The average matrimonial advertisement specifies education qualifications, caste, age and physical features. This narrows the interested parties down to a handful of potential matches that would most likely contain the perfect match.

The right match may not be found in the first try but matrimonial advertisements most definitely have a high success rate in finding the perfect marriage prospect. One of the most prominent matrimonial newspapers which falls among those with the highest success rate in finding the best matches in India is Malayala Manorama Matrimonial. In this particular newspaper, interested parties looking for brides or grooms can place their advertisement and categorize it under Religion, Language, Profession etc as per their necessary criteria.

Why is Malayala Manorama newspaper the best for your Matrimonial Ad?

Malayala Manorama Matrimonial
  • Malayala Manorama Matrimonial is the most popular section of the newspaper. It is the most widely read morning daily published in Malayalam across India. It is published from and headquartered at Kottayam in Kerala, India. This publication is owned by the Malayala Manorama Company Limited and was first started as a weekly newspaper on the 14th of March in 1890, published only on Saturdays which consisted of only four pages. In 1928, this newspaper finally started getting published daily after acquiring a high readership due to its growing demand and popularity in the southern part of India.
  • Although, after 1947, Malayala Manorama went through a bad phase due to debt issues, severe competition and decreasing circulation. But it did not take long for this newspaper to revive and acquire a position where it had a steady growth and demand which was accomplished during the 1950s. Such a huge and effective rise of the newspaper ensures that the publication has determination, content and the ability to effectively reach out to its audience.
  • In the 1980s, Malayala Manorama experienced an unbelievable makeover, headed by the editor, K.N. Mathews. The publication intended to focus on training employees and adopt new advertising techniques to incorporate a modern look and style of news and media content delivery of the newspaper. It also invested in improved printing machinery to make production faster and more efficient. Such initiatives and changes contributed in the proper modernisation and inducing professionalism in the approach of its staff and journalists.
  • With the turn of the century, this regional newspaper had become highly popular and extremely influential. In 2007, Malayala Manorama was declared to be the only regional newspaper to have a circulation of more than 15 lakhs. Today, it is the fourth largest newspaper in India with a readership of more than 20 lakhs and a very popular matrimonial section.
Malayala Manorama Classified Matrimonial Page

These are some of the reasons why people prefer advertising in Malayala Manorama to look for matrimonial prospects not only across Kerala and the surrounding south Indian states but also in several parts of the country. Advertising in a newspaper with a stature like Manorama, guarantees relevant responses by delivering your advertisement to the right target audience. To place a matrimonial advertisement in Manorama Matrimonial, we at releaseMyAd have created a simple three step process for you online so that you can get your ad published in the preferred newspaper from the comfort of your home or office. If you are placing a matrimonial advertisement for the first time, there is no need to worry as we provide you with a variety of sample advertisements to help you with composing your ad. You can take the help of our Online Ad Booking Tutorial in order to learn the entire ad booking process via our website. For any further help with Malayala Manorama matrimonial ads, you can email us at or You can even visit our Manorama Matrimonial FAQ section for getting specific answers for your queries. In case you still need any kind of assistance with your booking your ad then you can call us on 09830629298.