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Dainik Jagran Recruitment Advertising
Dainik Jagran-The most Popular Hindi Daily of India

With newspapers as the most common medium of mass communication, every Indian household receives at least one newspaper on a daily basis. The necessity and popularity of newspapers makes it one of the most preferred medium for finding brides, selling property and even recruiting suitable candidates. Here, you can review and analyze the effect and results driven by advertising in one of the top Hindi newspapers of the country for finding the best employees, namely Dainik Jagran.

Dainik Jagran is an extremely influential Hindi daily which was started during the peak of the Indian Independence Movement of 1942. It was initiated keeping in mind the vision of Late Shri Puran Chandra Gupta who was a legendary Indian freedom fighter. The first edition of this newspaper was published in Jhansi and by 1947, the second edition was released in Kanpur. The founder’s aim was to make Dainik Jagran a newspaper “that would reflect the free voice of the people”. This motto stands true not just during the 1940s but also today. It has evolved as a newspaper in the past few decades and established a position which is at par with the changing Indian society by evaluating the goals, needs and wants of the modern India.  Shri Narendra Mohan- the Managing Director and Chairperson of the Jagran Prakashan publication has carried forward the ideals of Shri Puran Chandra Gupta which has helped in popularizing the newspaper in the 21st century.

This is specifically true for Jagran Classifieds and Recruitment in Dainik Jagran which is India’s largest Hindi classified advertising platform. A huge number of ads are published almost every day in Jagran Classifieds including Recruitment adverts. A substantial number of Display ads are also published in Dainik Jagran, especially in case of recruitment ads. Before releasing any advert in any newspaper it is essential to understand or evaluate the reasons behind choosing that particular newspaper.  To analyze why Dainik Jagran is the best Hindi newspaper for Recruitment ads, take a look at the points below:

  • Jagran Classifieds is designed in a manner which allows its readers to easily locate ads that would interest them or the ones released by them as well. Advertisements from various fields are catalogued in this classified advertising endeavour of Dainik Jagran, ranging from Property to Pets. Often classified pages of newspaper are not clear enough and are not easily visible but in case of Jagran Classifieds each and every classified ad is distinctly visible
  • Newspaper Recruitment ads are the most common source for finding the best and most appropriate candidates in any specific region of India. The best part about newspaper recruitment advertisements is that they are not limited to businesses, consultancies, recruitment firms of companies looking for specific type of employees and vacancies.  Recruitment ads can also be also placed by those who are looking for jobs and in this newspaper there are different sections allotted to these kind of specific situation wanted ads
  • Dainik Jagran also offers a special Recruitment Pullout which is published every Tuesday along with the newspaper and is ‘Nai Rahen’ referring to “New Paths”. In this supplement you can publish display as well as classified recruitment advertisements in Hindi as well as English, whichever is suitable for your budget
  • Also advertising in a popular Hindi newspaper, since Hindi is the official language of our country, increases the arena of audiences you can actually access. This is because it is estimated that every household that subscribes to an English newspaper with a national circulation also subscribes to a regional language newspaper along with those who are much more comfortable with Hindi or their regional language than English. This ensures that your ad can reach out to an readers who not only prefer English newspapers but also Hindi language newspapers and the number of Hindi speaking people is much higher than that of English or any other regional language across our country

    Nai Duniya-The Recruitment Supplement of Dainik Jagran

These are some of the crucial reasons which drive advertisers and job seekers to opt for Dainik Jagran for seeking the right candidate as well as for finding the right job.

With the Indian economy rapidly growing, the need for jobs is also increasing. For instance, a number of domestic and international companies are creating IT job opportunities due to the growing affinity of online services and different types of online portals and support. Now looking for the right candidate with the appropriate skill set is also highly essential and that’s when picking the right newspaper to target a specific location for a specific position having a suitable academic background becomes crucial.

Recruitment advertisements allow businesses to specify exactly what they are looking for in an employee. This reduces screening time and informs all interested parties so that those who are not interested need not waste their own or the organisation’s time by appearing for the Interviews.

Dainik Jagran is therefore, one of the best podiums to reach out to the relevant recruitment audiences as its structure allows potential employees to meet potential employers quickly and efficiently. It also has an extremely wide readership all over India with a circulation of more than 27 lakhs. Your recruitment advertisement is thus, sure to be a success with a flood of potential offers!

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