Why do you need an Online Advertising Agency when our Keyword Tools can help?


online-advertising-agencyreleaseMyAd is an online advertising agency,dedicated to serving small and medium business enterprises.Being an advertising agency we are known to have  an array of creative expertise at our fingertips to successfully launch businesses online. On a comprehensive research we found out some major reasons as to why our clients chose to use our services is because of:

  1. Our knowledge, skill and expertise of various online advertising platforms and strategies.
  2. Cost Effective campaigns framed and implemented through us.
  3. Our expertise in optimizing campaign efficiently.
  4. Our efficient online strategies for businesses to grow.
  5. We are easily accessible.
  6. Our Google’s Premiere Partnership.
  7. Our excellent services in various business categories.

Based on the above highlights of our services we came up with a unique platform to serve our existing clients,previous clients and other self serving businesses to optimize their account in the most accurate and cost effective way. ReleaseMyAd has come up with a set of tools like:

[box style=’info’]Benefits of our using our unique online advertising tools are as follows:

  • Helps you get a list of keywords for your business category.
  • Helps you get cost for all the keywords generated for you.
  • Detects and generates profitable niches for you business domain.
  • Generates a list of negative keywords for your campaign.
  • Provides highly accurate and reliable data
  • Saves Time
  • You do not need to rely on an agency.
  • Save Money.Its Totally Free.
  • Helps you optimize your account by yourself.
  • Gives a boost to your online marketing campaigns.
  • You can share the information via email and retain for future use.
  • Enhances your online advertising return on investment.
  • Its easy and easily accessible.[/box]

Our tools have been designed to enable businesses with budget constraint to create and optimize campaigns online without incurring any extra cost on an agency.

Your campaign needs to be put together in the best way to get results. A business should be self-reliant. If you want to create an online campaign or if you want to optimize your e you existing campaign- our tools will be at your resort to help you have an efficient campaign. You do not have to rely on a online advertising agency to get results, you can craft your pavement for yourself with these unique tools.It does not even consume your time or effort.So, you can not only focus on your business but also handle your online campaigns successfully.

Online-Advertising-Agency-DemeritsThe Demerits of hiring an Online Advertising Agency :

  • Additional Expenses: Sometimes its just unaffordable for businesses to allocate their money to an agency. You can save this expense by attending to these vital functions for yourself as per your requirement for no extra cost. You can attend to your PPC costs without any extra maintenance costs to an agency.
  • Limited Knowledge of Product : The agency has very limited knowledge about your product, industry, competitors and consumers. You are well versed your competitors and the communication format which can draw them to you.They cannot ever deliver the true essence of your business.  You know exactly with what keywords your potential customers are looking for you.You know which of your businesses you need to target.
  • Vague Expectation: An agency actually promises more and delivers way below your expectation.If you handle the campaign for yourself you know the requisite budget that you are required to allocate and the ways in which you can enhance your  ROI.The agencies usually promise high clicks and impressions in SERP but ultimately fail to fulfill the same.
  • Low Priority: Agency treats every client according to his Ad spend.But for you your business stands as the only and main priority.They also spend reckless amounts for huge clients.So you converge your entire effort to make your business grow. You prioritize your business and try your best to get most from your Ad spend.
  • Limited Creative Service:  An agency is usually seen to be delivering services of the same style.They usually create a strategy ,and if it succeeds ,they use it for all their clients But you would not risk your business on a obsolete strategy, you will always try to get a novel way to capture the audience attention. You can draft your own online campaign strategy to enhance your online visibility.

How can ReleaseMyAd’s Keyword Tool  helps you to overcome these loopholes of the agencies and execute a successful online campaign effortlessly. Use our keyword tools to get solutions to your business instantly for no extra cost. You contact us on 8697372937 or emailing on online@releasemyad.com so we can guide to help you create and optimize by yourself.