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A landing page is your home address on the internet. It is your domain, the place where potential customers come to visit you or simply ‘land’ and like homes are decorated to create an impression, so are landing pages but here the function extends a bit further. A landing page has to be developed and improved to not just impress the visitors but also to draw them in.

Its basically an independent page or location separate from the central website. It is of prime importance in online marketing where the main intention of the advertiser is to draw traffic to a particular URL and through a route other than the pages on his website.

The home-page and the landing page.

The landing page is indeed the home page but only when a net surfer directly enters the URL for it but its best to have stand-alone pages for specific purposes because visitors don’t usually see an action right through to the end if the process is long and needs any more than the minimum amount of mental energies to be expended and this is no good news for the conversion rates for your campaign. The home page ought to be designed with the purpose of educating a visitor in general terms about your company and products or services. It is a container for multiple links to different areas of your advertising domain.

Lets understand.

An impressive landing page is absolutely imperative. Good offers and well made ppc advertisements are no good if the landing page is not upto the mark. Its basic human psychology to believe in what first meets the eye. Its presentation that created the first impression. First things first. Let’s draw up a checklist to ensure that you have done your homework.

  • Your desire: What is your desire? To have a huge number of buyers, subscribers or leads? Do you want your visitors to buy something or do you want them to fill out a form? Do you want them to download whitepapers or do you want them to sign up to receive e-statements?
  • The visitor’s intention: Always remember, if you don’t take care of your client, someone else will and therefore to ensure more and more online landings, you must know exactly what your prospective customer wants.
  • The competent competitors: To win a game of chess by making the right kind of moves, you must understand the other player’s strategy. If a certain tactic works in a game, its best to learn it and improve further.
  • The route of entry: Different things appeal to different people so they must also be approached differently. Messages must be customized according to the online location of customers. A visitor operating on Facebook is, in all probability, different from one operating on linkedin.

Don’t forget that:

  • A landing page is not a detailed discourse on your offer. The visitor does not have all the time in the world nor is he interested to know too much at once.
  • A landing page is not the place to pressurise a visitor to take an action. Its best to take one step at a time.
  • Landing pages cannot stay static. It needs to improve more and more with time and a moving market.

Optimization is thus necessary. If the online conversion rate needs boosting, there is no other way. The goal is to make a page that functions excellently for PPC as well as SEO purposes. The optimiser must remember that:

  • The content should be keyword centric and focus on benefits. The written content must never lose its focus. the communication must be direct and not done in a round about manner. To draw customers one must explain, albeit economically, why the advertiser deserves more consideration than others and how the customer will benefit more out of him than he would if he settled for another competitor. The purpose is to write content focused of keywords and not just incorporate them anyhow.
  • The title tag must be keyword-centred and gripping. Title tag is the main agent for drawing in a prospective customer. Those few words, more often than not, make all the difference. The keyword in question must be deftly incorporated in the title tag if the advertiser wants to show up and grasp attention.
  • The description written should be very good. The meta description, the element which describes the page to a search engine should be crisp, clear and informative. The optimed landing page’s description is ‘the’ place to insert a strong call-to-action for the visitor. The main aim is to be coercive.
  • There must be enough means to share the page on as many social forums as possible. This ensures excellent dissemination of information thereby drawing much traffic.
  • Incoming links are what completes a campaign. Useful links testify the page’s newsworthy relevance before much scrutiny and it is also instrumental in channelising desired traffic.
  • The content must be such that it can be effortlessly glanced through. The purpose is to tell the visitors exactly what they want to know and help them through it quickly. Th information must be well arranged.
  • Calls-to-action are more than necessary. These are what keeps a visitor going further and further. They must be guided through the page and provided with adequate reasons to continue further ‘easily’.
  • Landing pages need constant examination. Page optimisation necessitates a continuous process of improvements. Conversion rates and received rankings should always be kept an eye on. These spur an advertiser to improve more and more.

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Author info:Suchandra Banerjee is an English grad pursuing her masters at present. She is currently interning at releaseMyAd and is thoroughly enjoying her time here given that the work is very exciting and edifying. She hopes to put to use the knowledge she is gaining here later on in her professional life. She is absolutely crazy about travelling and loves to read novels when she isn’t writing for us. She hopes to do atleast one-fifth of what her bucket list contains. We wish her all the best with that.