Youtube advertising: make it visually dynamic!


If only making video ads was a more economical affair! Well, the good news is this that today it is and TV advertising is no longer a necessity. People who do not like to read invariably love to watch and maybe that is why Youtube is so massively popular.

Online advertising has seen an intense growth in the last 1 decade and that’s naturally because its so effective but search engine marketing, owing to its huge demand and the ensuing competition has become rather expensive these days. Digital advertisers constantly feel the pinch of growing expenses. Video advertising is still quite new.

Youtube is that platform where every entertainer has the permission to perform and everybody has the access to watch. So, be it an author launching a new novel, an amateur band trying to publicize itself or a comedian trying to carve a niche, youtube is the answer for all and sundry. No discriminations, no distinctions. They all get views if they manage to earn them. That is why, the website supposedly has more than 800 million views every month. In 2011 itself, youtube received more than 1 trillion views which comes down to around 140 per viewer. It has only increased over the years. Advertisers today have the option of turning this kind of engagement to their advantage. Anybody can make an upload a video.

Why is Youtube advertising so great? Lets take a look:

  • It enables an advertiser to infuse the ad with the personal element. One can be creative to his heart’s content in trying to touch customers uniquely. One can even face the camera and employ all his oratorical skills to explain why one should his product is worth using.
  • An advertiser may reach out to exactly the kind of people who have the attributes of a potential customer. For instance, men are not expected to be interested in nail polish so an advertiser who wants to sell nail polish has the option of reaching out to only women viewers.
  • One need not incur needless expenses. The advertiser is required to pay only for  proper views like when somebody consciously clicks on the video to watch it or chooses to continue watching it like more than 30 seconds or so in certain cases and 5 seconds in case of instream videos which automatically play before a video and can be skipped in 5 seconds.
  • The advertiser is constantly aware of how his ad campaign is doing. Youtube analytics helps one to monitor the ad and see how well its doing or if at all its doing well for that matter. It shows the kind of viewership received and gives valuable advice on how to improve the quality of the Youtube adverts and thereby increase views.
  • Youtube’s domain stretches across 73 nations and 61 languages. The advertiser’s reach is thus almost boundless. Wide viewership and brand building thus becomes much easier.

An advertiser has the option of reaching out to a select group of people too:

  • Contextually targetting keywords assist in matching advertisements to web content. This works like it does in the Google Display Network.
  • The advertiser can reach potential customers based on their gender and age. This ensures a better targetted and therefore effective campaign.
  • Viewers can be reached based categories of general website content and also on the basis of their more particular interests.
  • Youtube also offers remarketing opportunities by providing the option of reaching out to customers based on their previous interaction with the advertiser’s Youtube channel or past videos .

So many ways!Viewers can:

  • Search for the videos in the Youtube search page.
  • Click on videos suggested within the ‘watch-page’.
  • Select a video from ‘homepage feed’
  • Use TrueView video ad formats along with AdWords for video. Though hosted on Youtube, TrueView ads can appear in other places on the Google Display Network.

Its so simple!All one has to do is:

  1. Develop a video
  2. Make a Youtube channel
  3. Start the video campaign
  4. Monitor the performance and develop it further

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Author info:Suchandra Banerjee is an English grad pursuing her masters at present. She is currently interning at releaseMyAd and is thoroughly enjoying her time here given that the work is very exciting and edifying. She hopes to put to use the knowledge she is gaining here later on in her professional life. She is absolutely crazy about travelling and loves to read novels when she isn’t writing for us. She hopes to do atleast one-fifth of what her bucket list contains. We wish her all the best with that.