Supercharge your Google Adwords Campaign Management services via releaseMyAd


A Google Adwords campaign determines your website visitors. It is the most transparent advertising medium wherein you know how many visitors you have received from this source, how much you are spending on each visitor and the best advantage is you pay only for results (clicks).

Quality Google Adwords campaign management is very essential for a profitable campaign. releaseMyAd provides excellent Google Adwords campaign management services to helping you attain your business goals. Whatever be your objectives, be it enhanced website visitors or quality leads, releaseMyAd helps you  get it.

Since Google Adwords is very iterative and complicated process, it requires a very strategic solution for results. But without proper management, maintaining an adwords campaign requires a stride that’s beyond the capacity of anyone to achieve. We understand how overwhelming and frustrating it could be for you. releaseMyAd makes the entire experience simple and result-driven you.

What does releaseMyAd do for you :

   1.Comprehending Business Goalsunderstand-customers

The more we know about your business, the higher are the chances of your success. We get the details of your goals, your product, your USP, your competitors, your budget, your cost per acquisition and your expectations with us. This data is totally unique for every business. Based on CPA we also help you an estimate ROI. Once we understand you we discuss your target products, geography and location. Thereafter we start planning your campaign structure with some research.step-1

keyword-resaerch   2.Keyword Research

    In the second stage of the campaign set-up, releaseMyAd research helps you find converting keywords your potential customers are searching for when they are looking for your product or service. The end objective is that they find you. We build a solid keyword docket for you with the help of our experts and our keyword tools. We research for search phrases that your potential customers are looking for and then build a strong keyword list to be present at the right times when right customers are searching for you.step-1competitors-analysis

3.Competitor Analysis

We help you scrutinize your competitor moves and create a strategy to defeat them. Competitor Analysis is not a lead-driver for us. We investigate competitors to build a better adwords strategy for you. We see the offering of your competitors, analyse their keyword list to build a stronger one for you. We understand the market share that they gobble up and get a master plan for you to outdo them in their own game.step-1

4. Ad Building and Implementationads-live

Now that we know you so well we get started with framing your Ad copy for the campaigns as per your product, offering and objective of the campaign. We frame the entire campaign for you with relevant keywords, ad groups, ad copy(with perfect headline,descriptions,display url and extensions).Then we determine appropriate  landing pages for the campaign and incase if you do not have a suitable landing page,we create one for you. We then get your campaign LIVE.Thereafter we embed conversion tracking code to the landing page to analyse conversions.step-1

  5.Ad Optimization and Ongoing Testingoptimise

In order to get best results from your Adwords campaign you need to constantly monitor your campaign to get maximum returns in ROI. Every campaign requires proper maintenance and testing.releaseMyAd audits your campaign every week ,making change in keywords,ad copy and bids, taking your campaign to the next level.We adopt various tests to make your campaign totally fit. We also analyse “search terms” report adding quality keywords and eliminating poor keywords from your account.step-1

  account-report6.Account Performance Reports

Once you sign-up with releaseMyAd we give you access to your individual dashboard wherein you can measure our work and your campaign performance.Via the dashboard you can see how many clicks,impressions you have received and your budget spent.You can also inspect our work by measuring us with clicks and impressions that we had promised.And we also send you weekly and monthly reports.step-1

7. Ongoing Campaign Managementadwords-management

Once your campaign is over you can again renew the campaign via the dashboard to keep getting quality leads.We will continuously review your campaigns on periodic basis to analyse your expenditure, adjust keyword bids, edit ad copy as needed with continuous competitor analysis.


You can easily avail our services for a small cost of Rs 5000/month. Our major objective is to efficiently promote business of all types and sizes online.We would love to create your success story by being a part of your team.To avail our assistance for managing your Google Adwords campaign write to us at