Why releaseMyAd is the Best Place to Start an Online Advertising Campaign


Online advertising is one of the hottest advertising prospects today. The internet boom blew open countless possibilities for all sectors, including advertising. The growing number of internet users in India is testament to a potentially boundless global village, a network which is powerful enough to form opinions and shift paradigms. The digital giant that rules this village, Google, offer internet advertisers two stellar advertising options – Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

AdWords is a pay per click design where you bid for a set of keywords that best define your business, design eye-catching text ads around these keywords in an attempt to get people to click these ads, which then redirects them to your website, where the user can perform the necessary call to action. Since you only have to pay Google when someone clicks on your ads, you tend to save a lot of money. In addition to that, you also get a tight control over your budget, for instance, the ability to control your daily spend. You can start your AdWords campaign via Surat’s leading Google advertising company, releaseMyAd.

Ad Sense is Google’s display advertising program, which can be best described as subtle yet candid form of targeting audiences. The targeting method used is not in-your-face, but at the same time, it’s very much there. Here’s an example – Imagine you want to start an AdSense campaign for your restaurant. Google will provide you with a list of the most popular food blogs and recipe websites in which you can advertise. Specifying your location would also help in the targeting procedure. In this advertising scheme, you have to pay Google a predefined fee per 1000 times your display ad will be shown.

In India, social media websites are the rage, especially in quaint towns like Indore, Surat and Kanpur. As a result of that, social media marketing is big in India. In addition to Google’s exceptional advertising vehicles, releaseMyAd, the top digital marketing agency of Indore, can help you launch your social media marketing campaign. Our social media marketing service falls under the broader spectrum of Digital marketing which includes content marketing as well. In social media marketing, we aspire to interact with the users of social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with the aid of posts which are aimed to inform and engage the users. This way, we build brand familiarity.

Another popular form of online advertising is Remarketing ads, which is technically the digital manifestation of reminder marketing. Remarketing ads are displayed to internet users who visit your website, but fail to fulfill the necessary call to action that you demand. These users are then shown remarketing ads displaying your banner in an attempt to persuade them to fulfill the call to action. Kanpur’s leading online advertising agency, releaseMyAd can assist you in this endeavour.