Newspaper advertising solutions for small businesses in India


Every business house thrives for success.They want to project a very positive picture of themselves and their brands.This can be achieved through advertising and that too in an effective yet economical way.Newspaper advertising fulfils this criterion due to its vastness and terrific reach.

Newspaper advertising is a very effective means of communication for any kind of business.It benefits the organisation in many ways, the cost being one of them.Newspapers provide a wide market and reach to the advertiser.It is the need of every business firm to spread as much as possible,only then can they project themselves to their target audience in a way that it helps them accept the brand.It is a dynamic advertising medium with the possibility of engaging the reader with its news columns as well as through advertisements.This enables potential business firms to project their brands to the majority of people in a very economic way.The other benefit which newspaper advertising provides to the business is its ability to target the audience according to the present trends.Readership base in India is extremely high and the age barrier is pretty vast,thus allowing firms to target young as well as the old generation simultaneously.Newspaper advertising is a very convenient and hassle free way of advertising.It is, however, easier for bigger organisations to make an impression in people’s mind rather than the smaller companies.Smaller firms need to establish their brand first and newspaper advertising provides the ultimate assistance.A company with limited capital needs to chalk out every detail and then go through with advertising.There is no scope of error as it can prove costly.Therefore newspapers provide them with the safest and widely reachable means to advertise.

Smaller firms can achieve bigger goals if they strategise their advertising plans.Since newspaper is such a wonderful medium,the company can follow few of these solutions in order to attain maximum reach and readability:

  • Frequent small advertisements for a span of few days can help in product recognition and visibility since the consumers memory is short lived due to the excessive brands.
  • Posting advertisements in the Classifieds field will definitely allow the ad to be seen as a majority of readers do follow that column.
  • Regional newspapers have an incredible readership base so it is logical for small businesses to post advertisements in them and it will cost less too.
  • The advertisement should be compact and precise.There is no need to include anything unnecessary as it just goes on to increase cost.
  • Classifieds text and classified display ads should be opted.

Small organisations may have something superior in their bags but due to lack of capital they might go unnoticed.Newspaper advertising is the best viable option which they can follow.They can also go through the online portal releaseMyAd, as it provides newspaper advertising at very economical rates and boasts of a wonderful newspaper base.