Creative Advertising Solutions for Businesses in Patna


A city as ancient as 2500 years old, Patna also happens to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world with regard to assumed average annual growth. Situated on the northern bank of the Ganga, this city is the capital city of the state of Bihar, and after Kolkata is the largest city in Eastern India. Patna has had a long history as a primary hub for agricultural trade and exports. However, the recent presence of a large number of FMCG enterprises has brought about drastic economic growth, making Patna a great place to start a business, especially SMBs.Media Planning in Patna

These recent developments have marked Patna as a city of opportunities, and an assortment of sectors are enjoying great profits, ranging for agro-industries to large scale MNCs. These changes have also opened up the advertising sphere of Patna, where a large number of brands, products and services compete for the market in an intense fashion. If you are an advertiser in Patna, you need to face the task of trying to secure an edge over your competitors.

Offering a wide range of creative advertising solutions for various media platforms is Patna’s leading ad agency, releaseMyAd. Through our agency, you can book ads and launch a campaign for the following media platforms: radio, cinema, newspapers and the internet. One of the biggest advantages of booking your ads via releaseMyAd is that you get to book your ads over the internet. The online booking process is simple yet precise, and the payment process can be conducted online too.Advertising in Patna

There are numerous other advantages of advertising with releaseMyAd, such as access to the most economical advertising rates and the best deals. Since we believe in total commitment to a client, we guide our clients through the entire length of an ad campaign, additionally offering crucial services such as Media Planning, Media Buying and Creative Production. Availing these services are a great measure than heightens the margin of success of your ad campaign.

To help advertisers advertise effectively, releaseMyAd conducts thorough research on customer demographics and analyzes their behaviour with respect to various media devices and finds out the most relevant audiences for different verticals. To start your campaign now, visit our website now. You can address your queries to , or call us on 09830629298.