5 Ways a Media Buying & Planning Agency Optimises Your Investment


So your product is ready and you have a pretty solid idea about how you want to market it. You have spoken to the experts, you have consulted your team, your marketing budget is in place but you still can’t shake off that feeling of whether you will optimise your ROI or not.

If the above feeling sounds familiar, then welcome to the world of every business owner, marketer or just about anyone who’s looking to invest in brand awareness.

Not only should the executing steps of a campaign be well thought out but going an extra mile and dividing the stages of execution pays off much more than one can imagine. And this is exactly where a media buying and planning agency steps in.

So next time, before words like “budget”, “investment” and “returns” start to haunt you; just take some time to think about how a media buying and planning agency can add to your plan.

Specialised Service  


If you are a start-up or a small business owner it will be often at your financial detriment that you will hire an in-house marketing team. Delegation and departmentalisation do not take off immediately and comes at a cost. Apart from providing your marketing personnel a minimum industrial level salary and benefits (which could be a lot if you are just starting up), you will also have to systematically align their goals with your company’s goals; a process which is pretty obscure during the initial stages of development. A media buying and planning agency can remove this confusion by providing you with a guided direction mapped out to a specific time frame. By entrusting your operations to such specialised firms you create enough space for your company to grow smoothly.

Low Costs

Given that media buying and planning agencies work with multiple media houses, they are in the path of providing them with a consistent and substantial amount of business. The smooth and quantitative flow of business going out of the agencies to the houses ensures a harmonious relationship between the two. Thus, MBPAs are in a position to negotiate with prices and are eligible for subsidies on account of bulk media provision. Choosing to route your media plan through them will ensure you a much lower cost  than if you approached a media house directly.

Saves Time

Handing out your requirements to an MBPA saves you a great deal of time and leg work. It is often the research, the groundwork and experimentation that takes up a lot of time and elongates the decision-making process. A media buying and planning agency takes over all these aspects including the logistical elements of meeting the representatives of the media houses, holding meetings with them, ensuring smooth coordination, etc. Having these major responsibilities being taken care of by a team of experts provides an extent of comfort and ease in your company’s operation.

Effective Planningmedia-buying-and-planning-agency-optimise-investment

Media buying and planning agencies are thorough when it comes to recognising and matching products to platforms. They have an in-depth understanding of important campaign planning components such as target groups, types of media, reach, campaign duration etc.  For example, your product is a budget smartphone and you want to advertise it through a television commercial. Given that you have a creative ready, an MBPA  will help you out by –

  • Recognising your target audience.
  • Channel selection based on your target group’s TV viewing preference.
  • Hours (prime or non-prime or a combination of both).
  • Show selection.
  • Spot duration.

And much more.

Moreover, since MBPAs work with a variety of media outlets, they recognise which medium drives the most growth and, therefore, are in a better position to suggest an appropriate media mix depending on the campaign requirements.

Follow Up

With MBPAs, it is not the end once your ad goes live. They follow up by providing you with a detailed and ingrained report of your ad’s performance and also keep the options of tweaking the media plans as and when necessary during the planning and even after its release. Moreover, these agencies have a team of media specialists who are always approachable and ever ready to guide you on the campaign’s path right from its inception to its end.

Be it a small business or a start-up, no matter the size of the company, it is hard for a business owner to plan, organise and execute an effective media campaigns at all times. That’s why it is smart to work with a media buying and planning agency that knows the ins and outs of the industry to generate best results.

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