Popularise Your Product by Advertising it on Channel V

A mix of music and fun, Channel V is one of those channels that takes its target group very seriously. Launched in 1994, Channel V is the brand name for multiple international music television networks owned by STAR TV and Fox International Network after MTV Asia parted ways with Star Network.

By carving out a niche for itself in youth programming the channel has come to be the fifth most viewed channel in the music genre and is highly beloved by young adults. So what is it about Channel V that makes it stand out from others in this category and flourish with all its glory?Advertise on Channel V

A major part of its success can be attributed to its programming structure. It won’t be wrong in saying that the channel carefully handpicks its shows after putting a great deal of thought into each of its segments so they can maximise the viewership on it. By clearly defining their USP and working around it to expand its TG, the channel has emerged to be a major player in the field of music and young entertainment. Most of its shows are centred on the daily life and dilemmas of high school and college students and its music segments churn out the latest grooving hits.

One of Channel V’s most popular shows Gumrah recreates true teenage crime stories. The reason for its popularity lies in its relatable content. Most youngsters find themselves in situations that are portrayed in the show except that the events in the show end up taking a sinister turn. Gumrah by highlighting the telltale signs of such deceptive events have found a strong space among youngsters and their parents alike. The parents obviously wanting their children to be aware of such manipulation have become avid followers of the show and further encourage their children to watch it.

The channel has taken this show come social initiative further by launching a book on it penned by the bestselling author Ira Trivedi. The book was launched on January 2016 by Chetan Bhagat. The show’s popularity and thought provoking content have earned it the distinction of emerging as the first Indian tele-series to be adapted into a book. The purpose of the book remains the same as the show, that is, to inform youngsters on how to save themselves from harm should they find themselves in a precarious situation; however the book just provides a different format to consume the content from.Advertising on Channel V

Channel V known for redefining the youth content on TV has launched two more shows to be aired in the first quarter of 2016. Mastangi, a romantic drama centred on a young college couple and their mysterious love affair airs every Monday to Saturday 6 PM onwards. Along with this, Sadda Haq is returning on the screens with its second season which follows the life a young girl who is trying to make her mark in what is thought to be a man’s world. By constantly churning out shows exclusively for the young audience Channel V keeps on differentiating itself from the staple content provided by other GECs which generally tend to focus on post marital situation.

More than anything, it is the unique approaches taken by this channel to inform people about a particular topic or just spread general awareness that draws the maximum attention in terms of eyeball-grabbing. For example during the 16th Lok Sabha elections of 2014, the channel decided to educate its young audience which constituted of a large section of first-time voters on the general election. The campaign named “Know Your VQ” had quirky content presented through it on a specially created site. The 16th Lok Sabha elections being a significant one for India, Channel V took that opportunity to maximise its branding through social awareness. This campaign was another step forward in strengthening its brand message, that is, empowering the youth.

By always looking for fresh and new ways to promote relevant content that would be helpful for the society as a whole while creating a zing to add to its quirky appeal, Channel V has gone far and beyond to elucidate its message of creating a strong society by empowering it’s young.

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