Be sure to reach Indian youths with Bindass Play Advertising


The brand Bindass has become synonymous with empowering and inspiring the youth. And, Bindass Play was launched in October 2014 to extend the ‘Bindass’ brand. Disney India replaced UTV Stars with Bindass Play, a Music channel for the Indian youth. As the channel began distribution across its predecessor’s distribution channels, it began with a huge reach of 60 million households.

The content on Bindass Play comprises 90 – 95% of Bollywood music. But unlike other music channels, Bindass Play relies heavily on crowdsourcing to present entertainment to the youth. This proactive stand of Bindass creates many points of contact between the channel and its audience base giving a massive brand visibility to the Bindass brand. In the long run, these points of contacts help the channel to gauge the audience mood.Ads on Bindass Play

With more than 10 million followers on Facebook, Bindass Play finds crowdsourcing easy. Tia’s Request Playlist is completely based on Facebook, where viewers choose songs and send requests via the social media platform. Shows like Tweet Meri Beat and Ishq Messenger makes use of Twitter and the reliable old SMS to connect audiences and the channel.

Bindass Play’s popularity rests on its philosophy of “You Choose We Play”. This is also the factor which serves as the main USP of the channel differentiating its content from its competitors, making Bindass Play an active consumption TV channel.

For TV channel advertisers, this will mean more effective TV channel advertising as viewers will not be just passive audiences on Bindass Play. As active audiences, the TGs are bound to get more involved with the channel and thus, with products promoted on the channel. Also, advertisers across the nation know Bindass is the latest brand for reaching out to the youth.

And as Bindass Play is an extension of the brand ‘Bindass’ it does the same magic!

Advertisements in Bindass Play are a sure way to reach the channel’s target audiences of 15 to 34-year-olds. The channel has a fresh take on music and in the past one year, it has established itself as a market dominator in the Music channel genre.

Mood Mapping is another tactic adopted by Bindass Play to keep their target groups glued to their TV screens. A typical Bindass Play day begins with peppy numbers in the morning that tapers to low tempo songs in the night. For any Music TV channel, this may be the norm, but with mood mapping, Bindass Play is able to take this to another level.

This ‘mood mapping’ adds another dimension to TV advertisements, as audiences are happier with the content they perceive the accompanying ads better.

Advertise-in-Bindass-PlayUnique shows like the Bollywood Republic on the channel brings a fresh dose of Bollywood music for the music lovers. This show in particular traces various folk song genres for the audiences wrapped in Bollywood Music. From Rajasthan to Mizoram, Punjab to Bengal, Assam to Karnataka, Bollywood Republic brings nuances of music from every corner of India and blends it into the ‘superhit’ music of Bollywood.

Bindass Play now attempts to create a brand across its content too!

‘Who’s your Pappa?’ and ‘NikAmma’ are two animation content created by Bindass Play for the purpose. The channel has unveiled the most important part of creating brand based content. A strong storyline with memorable characters that will bond emotionally with the audiences is sure to give Bindass Play the desired effect.

Both these animations are bound to strike a chord with the young TGs of Bindass Play, as one deal with one-upmanship and the other the cool-quotient.

This content branding will certainly bring a change in how advertisers perceive advertising with Bindass Play now. Already a popular medium for advertisers to showcase their brands, Bindass Play is slated to be the next premier advertising platform.
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