5 Reasons Why Star Utsav Advertisements help reach more people


Star Utsav is a general entertainment channel from STAR Group. It is owned by 20th Century Fox and was created to tap in the low budget advertisers. Star Utsav is the sister concern of Star Plus, Life OK and Channel V. The channel showcases no original content but plays old/off-air shows from its aforementioned sister channels. Sometimes, a lengthy show is played simultaneously in the original channel as well as Star Utsav with more than a 100 episodes between the storylines.

Here are 5 reasons why when you advertise in Star Utsav, you reach more people:

1. Free-To-Air Channel: Star Utsav is a FTA GEC, making it available for everyone even without the monthly subscription fees. Anyone and everyone can enjoy the shows on this channel. This makes the channel available for the masses , thus making your ad message reach far and wide.Ads on Star Utsav

2. Low Ad Rates: Star Utsav has quite low ad rates when compared with other GECs. Add to it the special rates, discounts and offers provided by releaseMyAd, the top online ad booking agency; and you as an advertiser will always win with the Star Utsav-releaseMyAd combo.

3. High TRP Shows: As Star Utsav broadcasts old shows from Star Plus, Life OK and Channel V, the advertisers already know which shows have received higher TRPs. This helps advertisers to pick more popular shows thereby, reaching more audiences.

4. Multi-genre Offerings: Star Utsav is a GEC that offers entertainment in all genres. Action, drama, romance, comedy, adventure, etc., the channel has a show dedicated to every genre. This brings in more audiences for the channel increasing the reach of your ads.

5. Part of the STAR Bouquet: STAR India has wide distribution channels that have penetrated every nook and corner of India. When you advertise in Star Utsav Channel, you can easily reach far and wide across the nation with Star India’s distribution channels. The same applies for releaseMyAd. You can book your Star Utsav advertisements from any corner of India using our online ad booking portal.

For any advertiser, picking the right media vehicle to reach your target audiences is akin to choosing the right ammunition for the right weapon. A misfit will harm you in more ways than help. Thus, you need to select your TV channel with care.

Advertising Experts in releaseMyAd can guide you throughout the process of Star Utsav advertising. Every show and every time-slot are thoroughly checked by our team to specifically point out the target groups viewing it. Also, you get guaranteed lowest Star Utsav advertising rates with releaseMyAd.

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