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Star Gold launched its Hindi movie channel in the mid 90’s with a view to bring on one platform the most entertaining Bollywood films, ranging from the timeless classics of the 70’s and the 80’s to the latest box office blockbusters but mainlyAdvertising on Star Gold Channel on showcasing old Hindi classics. Being revived in 2011, Star Gold airs contemporary hits and now holds the record of the highest rated television premiere on a Hindi movie channel till date .This is the platform ‘where the best of Bollywood comes togetherto provide quality entertainment to people across the nation. With the catchy tagline of “Karo Dil Ki” Star Gold  has an aura about it which resonates with the outlook of an audience switching on a movie channel on a lazy Sunday afternoon or after a hard day at work on a weekday night, with the sole purpose of feeling relaxed and entertained. With a whooping 100 crore+ Bollywood films having premiered on Star Gold, it is where super-hit movies of  the biggest artistes are aired, these movie stars being big brand names themselves.

Why advertise in Star Gold?- Sustained brand awareness campaigns to ace television advertisement:

What has fostered successful blockbuster premieres in Star Gold is the exclusive tie-up with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan effected in 2013. A significant milestone, this exclusive collaboration with big brand icons, was an innovation which was deemed to be a first of its kind in the arena of television broadcast rights. In 2015, the blockbuster premiere of Bajrangi Bhaijaan broke all records emerging as the biggest Hindi film premiere on TV having garnered a whooping  25 Mn TVTs (HSM CS 4+ Urban and Rural),  surpassing ratings of all Fiction, Non Fiction, Award Shows & Live Sports across GECs and Sports channels. Where big brand icons like Salman Khan are collaborating with Star Gold, doesn’t it become one of the most cogent mediums of launching a successful brand awareness campaign? Moreover, whenever a blockbuster premieres at Star Gold, the TRP’s peak like never before.  The target audience ranges far and wide from young kids of 10-14  to adults of 20 and above, as the films being aired here range from Little Krishna: The Darling of Vrindavan to Dabbang and Singham. With a wide target reach it becomes an effective platform to launch your ad campaigns, as you are ensured of catching the attention of the child as well as the adult. Also as the cinematic experience is a relaxing one, it is the perfect time to urge people to indulge in buying. However a long term brand campaign has to be launched across varied time slots on a repetitive basis to ensure a target reach to reckon with. This is because we must remember that though the cinematic experience is captivating, on television, the intervals in between are the times when the audience feels like switching off the volume of the channel or turning over to another channel. Thus the key to successful television advertising lies in going on a sustained ad campaign, spaced out smartly across time when a popular film is being aired.

Star Gold Channel Advertising

Instant ad booking via releaseMyAd: The releaseMyAd media assistance

releaseMyAd is an instant online ad booking portal, facilitating buyer seller interaction across the nation over 200 cities. Since our media buying marketplace was launched in 2000, we have been expanding our realm from advertising in newspaper classifieds to radio to magazine and television. We are beginning to develop and organise our latest venture of assisting media buying in the sphere of the television. We already have direct tie-ups with big channels like Star Gold. With releaseMyAd one can be assured of striking a successful parallel between one’s ad requirements and target group. Through releaseMyAd the procedure of booking an ad slot at Star Gold in between the broadcasts of the most popular films becomes all the more cost effective and uncomplicated. This is the three step simplified process through which you can book your ads on the go with releaseMyAd, either on our website or on our android app:

  •         Choose your TV Channel
  •          Choose your show/ time band
  •          Select dates and make payments

Also we continuously monitor the success of your ad campaigns and readjust the time slots of your ads depending on the target audience you want to tap. For instance if your brand caters to children, then an ad slot booked in the intervals between a kid’s animated film like Ganesha, being aired on weekend mornings, might be more relevant than ad spots booked during the night, in between a film having an A certificate.
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