Romedy Now- A Newbie That Advertisers Are Lining Up For!

English specific entertainment is growing at 98 percent every year, yet till some time back there was no channel dedicated to just romance or comedy. Recognising this need for light hearted feel good entertainment Romedy Now was launched in 2013 by Bennett Coleman & Co. Its plan was to tap into a chunk of audience preferring the genre of romance plus comedy by dishing out just and just that. In over two years of its launch the channel has seen more success than it thought it would and here’s why:

A Whopper Base

Romedy Now, the channel is owned by Bennet Coleman & Co specialises in airing romcoms by the production house 20th Century Fox.It is backed by Times Group, the largest media conglomerate in the country. Such a solid foundation for the channel to launch on ensured that it got a proper start which further culminated into a wide reach. Today Romedy Now reaches out to 150 million plus households on a monthly basis.Advertising on TV

Romedy’s Positive Message Struck Chords

The channel endorses the motto of “Live. Laugh. Love”. Keeping true to its adopted theme it telecasts movies which have the power to fill the viewers’ time with an air of positivity. The channel has been structured keeping in mind the age group of 15-44. A chunk of this population falls into the working category. Being mindful of the  stress of work life Romedy Now aims to provide a breather when the TV is switched on at the end of a long day. With movies like Just My Luck, Liar Liar, Before Sunrise, etc, it fills its library with everything that is spirited and cheerful. Thus, we can say the channel marketed itself not through media spends but by getting its message across.  

Romedy Introduced Variety At The Right Time

After first four months of sampling movies, the channel decided to introduce variety. The line up of series to be aired were 1600 Penn, Witches of the East End (an American fantasy drama), Kitchen Confidential (American sitcom) Back in the Game (situation comedy) and Friends With Better Lives (sitcom) from the makers of Friends, the world-renowned comedy series. All these shows follow the line of romance, comedy or both. After a thorough understanding of viewer trends they took the opportunity to strategically launch TV series right when the demand for it surged.          

Romedy Grabs Eyeballs Through Family Friendly Shows

Even though the channel serves the genre of comedy and romance it has spread its root into familiar territory and family friendly shows. For this, the channel has thrown in a good mix of hit series that has already established itself among viewers. This strategy works well with advertisers as they go with whatever grabs eyeballs, and shows like How I Met Your Mother and Friends are certain to carture a major share of that no matter when they are aired. Hence by capturing a sizeable market share, Romedy has been successful in paving the way for a stream of advertisers.

Romedy Maximises On Its Tried And Tested Strategy

There is no checkerboard format in Indian channels. They follow strip media( property runs on the same slot Monday-Saturday). Romedy Now maximises the same strategy followed by Indian GECs be it English or Hindi in the best way possible. For example, it simulcasts The Ellen Degeneres Show along with the US because it’s a daily show but it won’t follow the same for “once in a week” aired shows. This is because it has been proven that Indian viewers like watching series at a stretch and break between episodes deters the TV viewing tendency. Thus, despite getting the opportunities of simulcasting shows with the US the channel waits till the entire season of the show is aired before premiering it in India.

Romedy Now has been launched in both HD and SD formats, with its HD counterpart known ad Romedy +. The creatives for the channel are handled by BBH and Madison. To know more about Romedy Now Advertising call us at 09830688443 or write to us at