Why Star Movies Will Always Be a Hot Platform for Advertisers


After having finished with an amazing piece of creative for your product, the last thing you’d want for it is to get no visibility.  Once a commercial is out there, it is in competition with a thousand others, all fighting to get the viewer’s attention. Amidst the swarm of commercials all screaming to be the best there are a number of ads that manage to cut through the noise. Not only are they remembered by their audience for its creative value but the product endorsed in the ad ends up being a household name.

So why does this happen? What path do advertisers follow when looking to make an impact?

An important decision to consider when choosing your media outlet is whether it will reach your desired group of audience or not. In case of TVCs the entire decision boils down to channel selection.  Even if the channel selected does not specifically serve your target, it should at least be a subset of the channel’s entire viewership.

Star Movies is one of those dynamic channels that makes the advertiser’s life easy when it comes to channel selection. Here’s how:

Movie Grouping for Bulk Viewership:

With over 8-9 channels in the English movie category the competition is tough. More viewers have given birth to more options. Among the number of channels that currently exist in this category, a majority of them have come into the sphere only recently because of the rising demand for Hollywood specific entertainment. It has thus become imperative for all these channels to position their content uniquely. Star Movies is one of those channels that excels in this strategy. By segregating movies group wise, the channel showcases a variety of movies catering to audiences of different tastes. The reason why this technique works is because, by allowing the audience to guzzle on the franchise of their choice for hours on, either clubbed together or distributed in a short time span they are buying a chunk of loyal eyeballs. For example, the channel might group all the six parts of Rocky together or the Iron Man series and the likes.advertising on Star Movies

Largest Library of Movie Premieres:

Star Movies has gained the title of The Largest Hollywood Theatre because of its movie premiering strategy. The channel has first output deals with few of the biggest studios like 20th Century Fox Star, Disney, Universal Studios, etc.  It premieres one movie every week with 60 premieres in a year ensuring it has the largest library of movie premieres  across all categories like action, comedy, drama, etc. As a matter of fact Star Movies is the only channel offering the movie premiering option. It plans to build on this strategy thus establishing themselves as the largest library of Hollywood premieres. It further plans to take this initiative to the digital space, a place they believe hold a large chunk of their audience.

Thematic Blocks to Pave Way for Sponsorship:

Star Movies offers their audience a variety of genre packaging them together into month long thematic festivals.  Sometimes these festivals are created to promote a particular franchise like X-men or Star Wars, sometimes to promote a coming a festivity or special day like women’s day or friendship’s day and at other times just to garner bulk viewership. Within these thematic blocks each block caters to a specific group. Depending on the themes of the blocks, the channels can further get appropriate sponsors. For example, if the theme is ‘Chick Flick” then it would make sense for a beauty and wellness brand like Neutrogena to be the sponsor. From the advertiser’s perspective also there is a value addition. With one ad, they can promote their brand in the entire vertical line-up, thereby increasing the impact.

Innovative Campaigns to Propagate Viewership

Star Movies adopts clever and leading edge campaigns in both online and offline spheres  to garner interest and attention for their programs.  For example for the premiere of the movie “ X Men: Days of The Future Past” they decided to collaborate with musicians Farhan Akhtar and Vishal Dadlani. As a part of this collaboration they were to put out the song “Mutant Macha” before the premiere of the movie. The song was composed along the lines of the movie and talked about a hero whose positivity helped him to stand through adversities and come out as a winner. The idea behind this collaboration was to appeal to the young talent of India  through indie music who also share a taste for action movies. Seeing this combination was mutually exhaustive the campaign turned out to be a big hit.

One of their many other hit campaigns was a digital one called #PickTheFlick, where viewers simply had to log on to Star Movies Facebook page and vote for their favourite movie among four given options to be played on the mentioned date. The reason behind the channel opting for more and more digital campaigns is because they believe a major share of their viewers is digital natives.

Star Movies is undoubtedly an alluring platform for brands across various categories for its strategic programming and engaging campaigns. Advertising in Star Movies even for the lowest spot duration can go a long way in building a brand image. To know more about  advertising in TV Channels call us at 09830688443. Or write to us at enquiry@releasemyad.com.