The Ultimate Guide to Smart Ad Bookings in Udaya Comedy


Are you an advertiser looking to make an impact on the Kannada viewers? If yes, then Udaya Comedy is your best bet for reaching out to the huge Kannada Diaspora spread across more than 27 countries.

As the name Udaya Comedy suggests, it is a 24 hour Comedy TV channel in the Kannada language from the SUN TV group. With a plethora of comedy shows for all age groups, Udaya Comedy remains the No.1 channel for comedy shows in Kannada and plays an enterprising role in reaching your advertising messages to your Kannada speaking target audiences.

The channel’s popularity with the Kannada Diaspora is a sure sign of it being a successful media vehicle. For any advertiser, featuring his brand on Udaya Comedy is quite a prestigious affair. Such unprecedented reach, though, comes at a cost. In this case, that being the high advertising rates of Udaya Comedy.

Advertising in Udaya Comedy

The high advertising rates of Udaya Comedy debars small and medium budget (SMB) advertisers from booking ads in this prestigious channel. Also, to find an ad slot with Udaya Comedy that suits your budget plan can be quite an unwieldy experience. In all as an SMB advertiser, you may find advertising in Udaya Comedy a daunting task.

Smart Advertising in Udaya ComedyAdvertising on Udaya Comedy

releaseMyAd, an online ad booking agency has brought smart ad bookings for Udaya Comedy. It is an organisation that has made advertising easy and economical for all SMB advertisers.

Booking ads in Udaya Comedy with releaseMyAd is smart because we provide:

  • Smart Ad Booking Process: You can book your Udaya Comedy ad slots online with the releaseMyAd smart ad booking process. Only 3 steps online from your smartphone or PC and you are ready to go!
  • Smart Ad Rates: Since releaseMyAd is an online marketplace for advertisers and vendors, there is always competition to provide the best ad rates. The advertiser gains the most in this scenario as more than often he has to pay much less than the quoted price by the channel. With us, you are guaranteed to get lowest ad rates for Udaya Comedy.
  • Smart Media Plans: For any ad campaign to be successful, it is vital that a robust media plan is created. Our team of experts help you to frame your media plans for maximum return on investments. Smart Media Plans that actually work and increase the reach of your advertising message is delivered by releaseMyAd.
  • Smart Analysis: releaseMyAd ensures to send you a detailed report of your ad campaign once it ends with us. As an advertiser, you get a glimpse of your successful ad campaign and know where every penny you spent has gone.

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