Gain Positive Response By Advertising On Sun TV

Sun TV is the undisputed channel in India loved by South Indians all over the world. What is great about the channel is that it is not only loved and liked by people of the south but it is liked to such an extent that the rating for Sun TV has surpassed those of other GECs, including the nationally popular channels like Star TV and Sony
Sun TV is a satellite channel that has engaging and promising content enticing its viewer base with something new every day. In fact channels of Star and Colours have been known to dominate the GEC chart for years before Sun TV entered the zone and changed the game.
The channel broadcasts a variety of shows including soap operas, game shows, newscasts and shows of general entertainment. Popular shows included Chithi, Alaigal, Metti Oli, Anandham, Kolangal, Idhayam, Thirumathi Selvam and Thendral. Sun TV also hosts numerous film-industry–related events in Tamil Nadu and the Sun Kudumbam Awards ceremony annually.Ads on Sun TV
With its assortment of shows ranging from family drama to comedy series and everything in between, it has indeed become well liked by all.The reason why Sun TV is so popular even nationally is perhaps because of its socially empowering content that connects with people through the language of humanity surpassing borders. One such show, among many others, is “Deivamagal” which has connected with women far and wide. In a country which still sees female infanticides and suppression of the female sex, this show has a message that counters that. It follows the life of a working woman and how her contributions add to her family and benefits the society around her. Shows which such empowering messages highlighting the society in a positive way is not only well received by women but people all over, across regions and gender. The show’s immense popularity made the producers extend the show to even on weekends. Now it airs even on Saturdays as opposed to Monday to Friday previously.
Another such show which emphasises on fighting social evils is “Valli”. This again is a female-centric show about a girl who escapes from the clasps of her evil uncle trying to get her married off forcefully. She then finds herself in a new city where she tries to build herself from scratch and the show, thus, in the process describes her journey.

Sun TV makes for an excellent platform to connect with audiences through shows that are socially encouraging and relevant. Associate your brand with social empowerment by advertising on Sun TV and reach your niche by advertising in the most popular south Indian channel.

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