Booking advertisements in the top newspapers of Delhi.


The history of Delhi when traced back to centuries, will leave you awestruck. Once the seat of the royal Mughal empire, Delhi went to become one of the biggest colonies of Britain and then established itself as the focal point of bureaucratic power. Now the capital of India, Delhi is the center of the nation’s political manoeuvres. Apart from that, Delhi is also rapidly developing in areas of fashion, business, handloom and textile industries. Attracting various people of different cast and cultures from numerous parts of the country, Delhi has a truly diverse population. Naturally the scope of advertising in Delhi is very wide.

Newspaper advertising: Who invests in it?

The pulsating nerve of the country, Delhi determines the nation’s destiny. In this regard the role of newspapers in Delhi is very important. For a capital that is developing at breakneck speed and becoming more technologically savvy by the minute, Delhi has not discarded the newspaper.

  • Most people still read it and look for ads pertaining to their business or personal need.
  • In this densely populated city bustling with all kinds of activities, people are always looking to start their own business or promote new ones.
  • Small business owners who do not have the resources needed to advertise on TV or other expensive media platforms, still choose the newspaper as their mode of advertising.
  • Given the newspaper has a wide reach, it is the perfect mode of communicating business with the vast population of Delhi.

So newspaper advertising in Delhi is still quite prevalent.

Newspapers that are circulated in Delhi:

The number of national and regional newspapers that are distributed across Delhi are numerous. Some of them are Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Hindustan Times, The Financial Express, The Tribune, Business Line, Nai Duniya, and The Hindu.

What ads are generally booked in the newspapers of Delhi?

The newspapers of Delhi, allow the placement of all sorts of ads in them. The three types of newspaper ads are

  1. Classified text ads
  2. Classified display ads
  3. Display ads
Classified text ads Classified display ads Display ads
  • most cost effective
  • little more expensive than classified text ads
  • very expensive
  • charges are levied keeping in mind the number of characters and words introduced by the advertiser.
  • charges are levied according to the size of the ad and image or logos introduced in it.
  • charges are levied according to the size of the ad, enhancements used and the day on which the newspaper it has been booked in, runs.
  • appears on the classified ads page. The advertiser can determine its content.
  • appears beside the classified text ads. Advertiser can customise the size of these ads.
  • appears on any page the advertiser wants it to be featured on. These are generally featured beside the editorial content.

 The categories of classified newspaper advertising in Delhi are:

The categories of display newspaper advertising in Delhi are:

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