Hire a beautician/hair stylist more easily with a recruitment advertisement!

There is no surprise that the beauty and grooming industry is one that does roaring business in today’s cosmopolitan world. Even though beauty and grooming literally imply the activities that people do in order to keep themselves clean and look good, there is more that these activities entail. People rely on professionals in this field to make their face, hair, skin as well as their overall appearance in general look nicer. After all, impressions go a long way. So people are always keen on presenting themselves in the most positive and appealing way possible.

Many people are under the misconception that the job roles of beauticians and hair stylists are limited to cutting hair and shampooing. Styling hair and enhancing the appearance of a person is an art that requires both skill and talent. Beauticians and hair stylists do a lot more than just cutting hair. They perform hair colouring, hair texturing and even the treatment of hair. They need to be familiar with the best hair care and beauty products in the market, their uses and benefits, as well as be in a position to recommend styles and looks to customers who are unable to decide on what might be the best for them.

Additionally, beauticians and hair stylists need to keep themselves updated on the current beauty and hair styling trends, as well as have excellent communication skills so as to be able to identify and understand the varied needs and preferences of customers.

Beauticians also perform a host of other procedures such as facials, manicures and pedicures, applying makeup as well as recommending beneficial skin care therapies. 

Hire Beautician Ads in Newspaper

That being said, the roles of a beautician and a hair stylist are multi-faceted and stretch across several disciplines. Just like a comb and a pair of scissors don’t make a good stylist, finding someone who is not just good at cutting hair but in a variety of other styling and beautifying functions is not an easy task. 

While the highest qualified and most professionally trained hair stylists and beauticians have a background in cosmetology, it is possible to get training in the field. 

The beauty and grooming industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, and there is a steadily growing demand for skilled and trained professionals in this field. It is well known that more and more people are finding their preferred jobs through online job portals, or via professional social networking sites (such as LinkedIn), or through word of mouth. 

However, the one channel of recruitment that has withstood the test of time is the newspaper advertisement. The recruitment column in the classifieds section of newspapers is where many job seekers are able to find prospective employers, and likewise, people seeking trained and qualified candidates can make the general public aware of their requirements so those interested can apply. 

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A typical recruitment ad for a beautician or hair stylist would look like this: “Wanted beautician/hair stylist for Bright Shades Salon. Attractive salary. Candidates must have completed class 12 + have training in beauty/styling.”

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