Mumbai Startup reaches out with vibrant radio ads


TASKBOB, the Startup

TASKBOB is a hyper-local home service provider functioning out of Mumbai. Their name is an inspiration and ode to the 90s cartoon character “Bob, The Builder” who helped others by fixing their home requirements. Whether you need a cleaning maid or a chauffeur, a plumber or an electrician, TASKBOB is sure to send one trusted help at the stipulated hour.

TASKBOB concentrates on the three most hapless points for the customers – delays, poor quality and lack of price transparency. The ‘startup’ aims to streamline the whole process; right from locating a serviceman to guaranteeing the service and your safety via a mobile app. TASKBOB only sends personnel after their thorough background checks, so you can relax.

Thus, you are guaranteed high-quality on-demand service at scheduled time.

TASKBOB – the need for advertising

TASKBOB launched its services from Powai. After its success, TASKBOB wanted to spread its wings in Mumbai. Its expansion plans could only be buoyed with a strong advertising campaign that would write its name across the Mumbai horizon.

TASKBOB & releaseMyAd

Being a startup itself, releaseMyAd discerned requirements of TASKBOB easily. This understanding coupled with our experience in working with other start-ups led us to win the race for the TASKBOB account.

But there was a catch with TASKBOB. They expected the ad to attract more people like cleaners, drivers, cleaning maids etc. to connect with them as well as customers. Basically, they wanted to notch the demand and supply side both with this one ad campaign.

mopping-1The Target

Our primary target consisted of people of Mumbai who needed quality services for home requirements. TASKBOB as an organisation looked forward to replacing the way people got their plumbers, electricians, and other repairmen. They also supplied maids and drivers. We identified soon that TASKBOB catered to people who were tech-savvy. Thus, we decided on the working class people in the age group 20 to 60.

Our main target were bachelors living alone who had no time for cleaning and homemakers who were harassed with the infrequent ‘kamwali-bais’ as the customers. Also, we tried to get as many skilled labourers to join us.

Choice of Media

As we were trying to reach a sizeable chunk of the population, especially homemakers and bachelors and people with low income, we picked up radio ads for Mumbai ad campaign of TASKBOB. Our choice was based on the following

  • Radio is cheap as it requires no subscription amount to enjoy it. Also, with radios being a part of smartphones their availability has increased.
  • Radio has an omnipresent quality to it. There is no escape from a nearby radio station playing.
  • The people we were looking to target especially on the supply side were more prone to using radios while working.
  • Also, homemakers and bachelors are known to spend quite some time on flitting across each station.

The releaseMyAd Strategy

Once we had TASKBOB onboard our experts began a thorough research of the Mumbai airwaves. We picked the following radio stations for our purpose:

  •         Big FM
  •         Fever FM
  •         Radio City
  •         Radio Mirchi
  •         Red FM, as most of our targets tune in these stations of Mumbai.

The Ad Creative

We got a pleasing ad made for TASKBOB that invited skilled labour to associate with the company, promising them, decent payments and respectful careers. On the other hand, this creative also cited the benefits of hiring repairmen and helpers from TASKBOB. The ad was made in Hindi so as to reach the most number of people.

Media Plan

We began our ad campaign with RADIO CITY in June. We played the ad for 9 days at a stretch and with increasing frequency. Our 10 seconds ad was played for twice daily in the first four days and then for 3 days we played the ads four times daily. In the last two days, we played the ad 6 times daily.

In July, we began a more aggressive campaign employing all the other radio stations chosen for the purpose. On BIG FM, we played ads for 17 days, 10 times daily. FEVER FM and RED FM were not far behind with ads being played for 15 days. RADIO MIRCHI had a slightly longer run with 20 days of advertising.

Our almost month-long ad campaign encompassing June and July soon gave positive results to TASKBOB.

Impact on TASKBOB

TASKBOB soon reported us about the record number of skilled people wanting to join their workforce. Also, they started getting more order confirmations and leads. Their percentage of services sold increased substantially.

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