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Radio advertising has always been considered to be one of the most cost-effective mediums of advertising in India. Although there is a common perception that visual/print advertising or online promotions ensure maximum visibility. But in a country like India radio still has a vast reach which encourages advertising campaigns.

Business owners and service providers usually need to contact the radio house or its authorized agents to book advertising space in their daily broadcast. releaseMyAd gives you a unique platform where you can book a radio advertisement online at the lowest cost.

releaseMyAd in association with leading radio stations like Red FM enables advertisers to set up and pay for a radio campaign online in a few simple steps. Here is how the process works :

1) The advertiser or you place your order or consult us at through by calling in on this number 09830688443. Alternatively, you can also mail us your requirements to and wait for our team to follow up.

2) We note down your requirements besides providing an array of radio jingles types to choose from. You can also provide your own jingle provided it is ready for use.

3) Choose your focus area, and media plans ( spot duration, time spot (prime time, split), frequency etc) and make the payment.

Why choose Red FM & releaseMyAd Radio?

Red FM is one of the expectantly widest growing FM stations in India. It also plans to expand its reach in the future.  releaseMyAd being the Official Online Radio Booking Partners for Red FM will help advertisers reach out listeners located in these areas.

Ads on Red FM

Red FM has introduced cost-effective advertising plans to draw more big and small advertisers across the country. The Equal Split campaign ensures the ad is aired during morning, afternoon and in the evening while Prime Time includes morning and evening slots. You can also check the cost of radio advertising in India at releaseMyAd before booking your spot.

Future of Online FM advertising :

The next five years belong to the radio industry. Currently, there are 245 active radio stations , but the figure is expected to reach 1000 in the current year. More radio stations means more advertisers using releaseMyAd’ s radio advertising services.

The present advertising share positioned at 5% is expected to  jump to 8-10% during the current year. Radio releaseMyAd’s attempts on simplifying the entire fm advertising procedure will be a huge contributing factor to this growth.

A more transparent and accessible set up where advertisers from various backgrounds can check fm advertising rates before booking a spot in their chosen radio station online. Thereby print advertising will slowly take a backseat making way for radio commercials, especially in smaller towns. Contact ReleaseMyAd and book your Ad now.