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Pune is one of the biggest cities in India. Pune has a prominent presence in India, having both modern and historical attractions. This city is often referred to as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, primarily because the people of Pune have found the balance between modernity and tradition.
• The people of Pune are known to practice and profess the Marathi ideals of sound education, arts, music and theatre.
• Pune also houses a number of automobile industries, and the presence of other industries such as IT and manufacturing are also making themselves prominent.
• A number of world-class educational institutions also attract students from all over the country, and you can also find a number of foreigners who have chosen Pune as their educational destination.
The Demography of Pune:

As with any other large metropolitan, Pune has certain advertising requirements, and the presence of a considerable amount of manufacturing units and businesses ensures that. Pune also has a young audience, and they are far more receptive to advertising campaigns than other age groups. releaseMyAd believes in using analytically and systematic approach to advertising. These facts will give you a good idea of the demography of Pune.
• Males occupy a larger share of the population, albeit by a small margin. 52% of Pune’s population are men, while women account for 48%.
• Approximately 62% of the population of Pune is below 30 years. Young students and professionals are among the most impressionable, and depend on ads to make purchases.
• Pune has a literacy rate of 77%, which can be attributed to fine educational facilities present in and around the city.
• Pune males have a literacy rate of 81%, as compared to females who boast of a 72% literacy rate.
• The most densely populated areas of Pune include Kasaba and Bhavani, followed by Sahakar Nagar and Vishrambagh. A number of multiplexes are also located near these regions.
Advertising Options in Pune

The Radio

The large majority of people who are catered to by radio stations in India are the youth. The same is reflected in Pune, with radio networks like Red 93.5 FM, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM and Radio City 91.1 FM targeting the youth of the city. This makes the radio the most reliable radio advertising option in Pune. The wide reach of the radio, coupled with the ease of access and low advertising costs serve as further testimonials to that effect.

The emerging metropolitan lifestyle of frequenting malls and multiplexes is also reflected in Pune. Multiplexes offer a whole package of entertainment that doesn’t take much to get used to, and a considerable part of the population have almost made it a ritual to go to a multiplex every weekend or so. Cinema advertising is also a great option in Pune, and there are great benefits in investing in it. Cinema ads allow you to advertise effectively to an attentive audience using brilliant audiovisual equipments. You also have the opportunity to place your ads in a way so that you can directly reach your target audience. The top multiplexes in Pune include INOX, Big Cinemas, CineMAX and PVR. Cinema ads are affordable, and make it well worth your investment.

newspaper advertising
While the majority of the population actively listens to the radio and hops from multiplex to multiplex, the remaining often choose a quiet evening with a cup of coffee and a newspaper to relieve stress. Newspapers are among the most effective and time tested media platforms. Newspaper ads have an outstanding reach. Pune’s people boast of a progressive and modern mindset, and regular combing of newspapers just adds to that. Newspaper ads are among the most cost effective methods to advertise. Advertise on the Times of India, Lokmat, the Mirror, Economic Times and Sakal, the top newspapers in Pune.
How releaseMyAd can help you
Based on your business requirements, you can get a fair idea of which advertising medium in Pune will successfully connect you to your target audience. To book your ads on either of these mediums, you can call Pune’s top ad agency, releaseMyAd. You can also acquire our help in Media Planning, Media Buying and Creative Development. If you have any queries, feel free to mail us at or call us on 09830629298.