Advertising on-screen on PVR Cinemas via releaseMyAd


PVR Cinemas is one of the leading Cinema chains in India. It began as a joint venture agreement between Priya  Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited in 1995. However, it started off with its commercial operations only in June 1997.

Ever since then, PVR has ruled as a cinema giant! It has been a top favourite with Companies who launch Cinema advertisements, and rightfully so. It offers such an excellent bunch of benefits, that will bound any advertiser to opt for PVR cinemas as their campaign platform. Some of the pros are listed below:

  • It has a huge market reach which extends to 43 states of India. It is supposedly the largest cinema exhibition company in the country.
  • It has a widespread network of  95 properties with 408 screens, and the company plans to hit 500 screens by 2015.
  • It caters to the entertainment needs of 20 million viewers every year, comprising of varied consumer groups, though its target audience mainly encompasses the urban sector of the age group 15 -55 years.
  • It is a renowned name in the Cinema circuit owing to its World-class cinematic ambience and impeccable acoustic systems. Hence, an association with PVR ups the goodwill quotient of the advertiser’s brand.

It has its footprints in the following destinations:pvr-cinema-ads

Hyderabad  Bhubaneswar Mumbai-Central Line  Raipur  Baroda  Central-Delhi
West Delhi  Dehradun  Nagpur  Delhi-NCR  Sriganganagar  Cochin
Ghaziabad  Kolkata  Bangalore  Bhatinda  Fardibad Mumbai-Western Line
Ahmedabad  Amritsar  Nanded  Gurgaon  Indore Dhule
 Ujjain Pune Surat South Delhi  Bilaspur Wardha


cinem-commercialsThe  On-Screen Cinema Ads are played the minimum of three times a day per audio with the main movie either during the beginning or interval in one of the following formats(according to the advertiser’s choice):

  • MUTE SLIDES[10 seconds] – These are visual slides very similar to print display Ads, which are flashed in the movie screen in the mute format for 10 secs. The major benefit of mute slides is its low cost and little scope of Ad avoidance. The audience’s attention is grabbed solely by the visual creatives portrayed in your Ad.
  • AUDIO SLIDES[20 seconds] – Unlike the mute slides, here the slides are displayed on the screen for a duration of 20 seconds along with audio. The ad features with some background music, voice-over, an instrumental or an impactful jingle. This ad format has more chances of gaining the audience’s focus, which brings a strong recall value to the brand.

releaseMyAd helps you book PVR Cinema ads online in the easiest way. All one has to do is follow 3 simple steps:

  • Go to our website’s cinema page and Select PVR cinemas. then choose your city and the theatre.
  • Decide on the ad type and design your ad.
  • Select start dates and make payment.

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