Advertising in INOX Cinemas gets simpler and effective via releaseMyAd


inox-adsInox Leisure,a part of the Inox group of companies, is simply grand. It is India’s premier cinema multiplex chain with a pan India presence. Being one of the leading theatres across the country, it has a massive market presence covering 14 states and 37 cities.
There are ample reasons that INOX cinemas gives you to advertise in it:

  • It is currently operating in 71 multiplexes with 275 screens, and this chain is ever growing.
  • It has a footfall of over 44 million customers every year, which indicates more reach than provided by any other multiplex chain.
  • It caters to groups of varied interests, giving a scope to target a diverse audience.
  •  Inox is synonymous with World class ambience, excellent projection & acoustic systems. Thereby, adding to your brand value.

There are two options of displaying an On-Screen Cinema ad:

  • 10-sec Slide(Mute): These are like hoardings or display Ads, which are featured on the movie screen for a time period of 10 secs. It has a low cost of production with a large amount of receptive audience whose attention is seeked solely through the visual element of the ad!
  • 20-sec Slide(with Audio): These slides have both visual and audio appeal to them. Either background music or voice over or an instrumental is played for 20 sec in between the movie. It creates more impact as there are negligible chances of Ad avoidance, and they leave a more powerful effect.

Via releaseMyAd you can advertise your campaign in INOX in the following cities:

Hyderabad Mumbai-Harbour Line Nagpur Vizag Srigaganagar Mumbai-Central Line
Faridabad Kanpur Pune Baroda  Darjeeling Vellore
Surat Kolkata Udaipur Belgaum Raipur Zirakpur
Bhopal Vijayawada Durgapur Mumbai-South Bharuch Siliguri
Bangalore Panjim Burdwan Latur Indore Jaipur

releaseMyAd Cinema helps you to book Ad in Inox Cinema screens Online through following given steps:

1)Select Inox

2)Choose your Location and Ad type

2)Select the Mall and Audi you want to advertise in.

3)Compose the Ad, Select the Date and Make Payments.

releaseMyAd makes Inox Cinemas Advertising simplified. We provide you all the assistance you need to launch an effective cinema ad !
MEDIA PLANNING– We analyse the inputs given by you about your business and help you accomplish its objective by placing you on the right screens, right malls helping you draw the attention of your target audience in the most cost-effective way.
CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT– We deliver commercials with stunning audio effects and incredible descriptions helping your ad stand out of the advertisement clutter and make a strong impression in the listeners mind. Thereby,increasing the chances of potential clients converting into actual customers.

You can visit our View Rates Page and can proceed to book your Cinema On-Screen Ads.
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