Advertise in Pune’s Top Multiplexes through releaseMyAd


Pune is an evergreen city located in the state of Maharashtra. Having a population of over 5 lakh people, of which a large majority comprise students, Pune is an urban haven for its citizens. Pune is famous for housing a large number of universities and colleges, and this has often led to Pune being dubbed the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra. Despite being dubbed so, Pune has made considerable strides in technology and its citizens are modern and known to be progressive thinkers.
Pune was one of the first cities to house a multiplex in India, way back in 2001. Since then, the people of Pune have been avidly taking part in the multiplex revolution. The advent of multiplexes was so successful in India because these units offered audiences a lot more than what single-screened stand alone theaters did. For starters, Multiplexes brought to India a wide range of foreign films, something which opened up a lot of doors for audiences. Secondly, multiplexes offered its audiences a lifestyle which most hadn’t experienced.

Multiplexes are frequented by almost all groups of people, which make them a very good platform for advertising. In fact, it is almost a ritual for some families or groups of friends to make time for weekly visits to the multiplex. Also, due to the wide variety of cinemas that constantly run on the multiplex, advertisers can reach different target groups by choosing to advertise on the hall of their choice.
There are many prominent multiplex brands that call Pune their home, such as Inox, Big Cinemas, Cinemax and PVR Cinemas. To advertise on either one of these prominent platforms, you can take the help of cinema ad agency releaseMyAd. Via releaseMyAd, you have the option of booking your ads online.

The booking process is simple and hassle free, and can be encapsulated as follows:

  • Once you find yourself on the releaseMyAd website, choose the ‘Get Started’ option to pave the first step in the creation of your cinema ad campaign.
  • Select your location
  • Select your preferred multiplex
  • Select the type of ad. You get two formats, Mute 10 second ads, and 20 second ads which support audio
  • You can review your booking details once again and make any changes if necessary
  •  Select which auditorium/hall you want your ad to be displayed in. This is very important, as it can make your break your campaign. For example, if you are a toy brand looking to advertise, make sure you choose the auditorium which is playing an animated movie.
  •  Select the ad creative from your own contingency, or you can choose to have your creative produced from the expert designers at releaseMyAd.
  •  Choose the tenure of your ad campaign
  •  You can preview your final booking details once more
  •  Clear payment

The cost of cinema advertising in this medium is surprisingly low, when you factor in the excellent opportunities that you get if done effectively. Affordable monthly charges make advertising in this medium economical. What’s more, you can get the best deals and offers from releaseMyAd. 10 second mute slides are very cost effective.
You can receive a lot of help with releaseMyAd with respect to designing and producing the creative for your ad. A dedicated team of expert designers can accurately devise the creative that will make your ad hit all the right chords with the audience.
If you encounter any problems with respect to the process, you can always call us on 09830688443, or mail us at