Online apparel store advertises in PVR Cinema to hike sales

Juane-Global -Ads-PVR Cinemas

Jaune Global is an elite brand of clothing that sells through its online store. Western outfits are their forte. With Jaune Global, you can flaunt the latest styles from Venice, Milan, Paris, New York, etc. Their ethnic Indian clothes too are a sight to behold, inspired by traditional Indian designs and different Indian cultures.  The Indo-Western outfits of Jaune Global extract the best of both worlds. Only the best fabrics are crafted by the Jaune Global artisans to give you the utmost comfortable apparel. The look and feel of the fabric and its embroidery are all a class apart.

Lifestyle products such as latest gizmos and E-accessories from around the world also adorn the shelves of Jaune Global.

 Need for Advertising

Although Jaune Global launched with much pomp and show, it failed to reach the target groups in its hometown, Bangalore. Most affluent people in Bangalore had no inkling of the online store’s existence. The company was failing to connect with its core target groups at all levels and thus reported quite low website visits and sales.

Advertising Objectives

Jaune Global contacted releaseMyAd, one of the top rated online ad platforms of India based on a recommendation. Their demands were simple

  • Increase website visits.
  • Create the brand image, and
  • Ultimately, increase sales.

Advertising Strategy

Target Audience

With our objectives defined, the releaseMyAd team began its work. First of all, we demarcated the exact target audience of Jaune Global. The apparel sold by the brand would appeal to the affluent young individuals who follow international fashion trends. Thus, we decided to concentrate on young adults in the age group of 18 to 25. Also, considering the price range of the products and the changing times we included the 26 to 34 age groups too. These were mostly young individuals or couples with high incomes.

pvr-cinema-adsCommunication Medium

As we were targeting a niche audience in Bangalore we decided to keep our ad campaign minimal. Our target groups consisted of affluent youngsters who tracked international fashion. Thus, we close to advertise in the multiplexes of Bangalore. We zeroed on PVR Cinemas at the Forum Mall and Phoenix City Mall based on the number of footfalls in the multiplex each week.

Also, we knew cinema ads to be more effective. This happens because people are free of all distractions in a cinema hall and thus more receptive to the ads shown there.

Ad Creative

Our team decided to go for a 10 second muted slide advertisement to showcase the Jaune Global apparels. The advertisement was created to generate interest in the brand and emblazon it in the minds of its target groups.

Media Plan

We chose PVR Cinemas at Forum Mall and Phoenix City Mall of Bangalore. We planned to launch an aggressive campaign to seize as many eyeballs as possible for our ads. We chose

  • Forum Mall
    • Audi 5 – capacity of 219
    • Audi 9 – capacity of 197
  • Phoenix City Mall
    • Audi 3 – capacity of 214
    • Audi 6 – capacity of 211

This selection of the auditorium was based on the movies playing in there and the seating capacity. Our ads played during the intervals for 4 weeks including the weekends. In total, the ads played for 28 days.


With the party season, Christmas and New Year approaching, we expected to see positive results for our ad campaign. Within 4 days after the ad campaign begun, Jaune Global reported a 60% increase in their site visits. As the campaign was halfway through, an increase of 45% in sales was reported by the apparel store.

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