Foreign Edu-Consultants business hikes after Radio Mirchi ads with releaseMyAd


Company Profile

Australian Education and Career Consultants Global (AECC Global) is your easiest route to a foreign degree. This education consultant group takes care of all your overseas education and migration needs. AECC Global counsellors help you in admissions, SVP Eligibility, scholarships, GTE Visas, arrival & on-going support, health & safety of the immigrants, etc. This company has branches in Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad in India. Their counsellors are known for using the local languages with Hindi and English. AECC Global helps you to migrate to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

Challenges and Objectives

Need for Advertisingedu-consultants-hike-business-with-radio-ads

After years of success, AECC Global saw its Delhi chapter fairing badly when compared to the Hyderabad and Ahmedabad centres. They set out to correct this and decided to launch various seminars, workshops and other events to attract more students. These although useful did not give the desired results.

The Agency

AECC Global then got in touch with releaseMyAd, the top online portal for advertising in newspapers, radio, cinemas, magazines and television. AECC Global had a clear vision. They wanted more enquiries for their services and wanted those leads to convert.

Advertising Strategy

Target Groups

With the mission defined, the releaseMyAd team first had to identify the target groups for AECC Global. Young adults in the age group of 18 to 25 are mostly targeted for any educational product/service. But we decided to increase the age limit of our target groups to 30. This is because a number of Indians go on to complete their foreign degrees later in life.

Communication Medium

Our next step was to decide the medium of communication. We chose radio ads for the purpose. Radio Ads have an omnipresent quality. Wherever a radio blares, people cannot block the sound. Add to it the local flavour and you can be almost sure of a successful radio ad campaign in terms of reach.

Ad Creative

We decided to go for a 15sec ad that represented how helpful it is to study abroad with AECC Global.  The ad highlighted the main USP of the career consultants. Their ability to guide you perfectly in making your foreign education dreams a success. From admissions to visas and scholarships to health insurance along with other main concerns of immigrants were covered in the ad.

Media Vehicle

As the No.1 radio station of Delhi with a huge listenership base, Radio Mirchi was chosen as our media vehicle. For 5 days in a row and 10 times each day we played the AECC Global ad in Delhi. We only chose weekdays for our ad campaign as we wanted the regular listeners who tune in daily for their ‘daily dose of Mirchi’.

Impact of Advertising

AECC Global reported a substantial increase in their business inquiries. Also, one of their upcoming events about Education in New Zealand saw a full house. During the admissions period the following changes were observed:

  •         33% more students went via AECC Global to Australia.
  •         19% increase in students opting for a degree in New Zealand Universities with the company.
  •         5% increase in Postgraduate students going to the USA with AECC Global.
  •         14% of total migrants moving to Canada from Delhi went with our clients.

AECC Global now wants to replicate the success of its Delhi ad campaign at other locations too!

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