Swiggy uses newspaper and radio ads to spread its essence


Swiggy’s Profile

Online food ordering start-up Swiggy is based in Bengaluru, but caters to an audience that spans top Indian cities, such as Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai, in addition to Bengaluru. What sets Swiggy apart from other food delivery startups is that they employ their own personnel when it comes to delivery. This eases pressure on the food brands and also quickens the entire process.  

Need for Advertising

Launched in August 2014, Swiggy’s aim was to acquaint consumers with complete food ordering and delivery solutions. On its own, Swiggy’s business model was attractive to most customers, with no minimum ordering amount, multiple payment options and quick deliveries, but as with all startups, competition is high, and the only way to stay in the competition is by advertising and spreading the word.

Why Swiggy chose releaseMyAd?

Much like Swiggy, releaseMyAd is a startup too. The reason why we see many startups joining forces is that no one else understands the high demands and risks involved in sustaining and developing such an enterprise. releaseMyAd, being receptive to the demands of Swiggy, and with ample experience in working with other startups, seemed like the best choice for the food brand.

swig-gyOur Targets

Swiggy’s number one priority was brand recognition, to be synonymous with food, and the concept of eating out in the comfort of one’s home. Swiggy operates on mobile phone apps, and the internet, so our aim was to increase app downloads as well as boost the volume of online site visitors.

What We Did

The first step involved in our process was to isolate our target demographic. After taking into consideration numerous factors, we arrived at the conclusion that Swiggy will most likely be used by people with a basic spending power, and those who enjoy eating out. Individuals from the age group of 20-60 who own a smartphone and have access to the internet will be most prone to ordering food online. There are a number of reasons why we took into consideration a consumer base so wide – Swiggy’s no minimum order policy ruled out monetary classifications, and their quick delivery system, as well as their rapidly expanding bases means that a large category of people would readily welcome what Swiggy has to offer.

Media Plan

Since our target demographic comprised of large sections of society, we decided to employ the two media platforms that have the biggest reach – newspapers and the radio. For the radio ad campaign, we chose popular networks such as Radio City 91.1 FM, Red 93.5 FM, Fever 104 FM and Radio One 94.3 FM. For our newspaper ad campaign, we employed Times of India, India’s leading English daily, and Hindustan Times, titans of the North India journalism scenario.

Our targeted cities were Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru and Gurgaon.swiggy-media-plan

When it came to newspaper advertising, we booked ads for Swiggy not only in the main newspapers, but also the category specific supplements, such as Times of India’s Gurgaon Times and Pune Times, and Hindustan Times’ HT City. Apart from the supplements, we also employed the main editions of Times of India and Hindustan Times for maximum reach.

For the radio ad campaign, we distributed air time for our commercial over four top Indian radio networks. Fever FM helped us reach audiences in Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore, whereas Radio City, Radio One and Red FM helped us efficiently reach all our target locations.

Thanks to our media buying personnel, we managed to get the lowest advertising rates for the media platforms, and helped Swiggy get more bang for their buck.

Results of the Ad Campaign
Our project with Swiggy delivered mutually favourable results, with Swiggy reporting a surge in lead generation, as well as numerous inquiries from food outlets both big and small, in order to secure partnership. The positive feedback gained by the startup also gave them the impetus to carry forward their expansion plans. The founders of Swiggy also found themselves juggling meetings with a host of new investors.  


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