My FM ads help Royal Diet Soda to capture chunk of the Chandigarh Market


The Bare Beginnings:

Some of the first soft drinks were manufactured and distributed in the 18th century. These drinks were usually non-carbonated and manufactured using lime juice, water, and honey. It was roughly around the year 1757 that the first carbonated drinks were served. Such drinks could be procured from a chemist’s outlet by paying at the counter for a “fountain drink”.

Then someone came up with the idea of bottling these drinks and thus the first carbonated sodas were sold.

Fast Forward To The 21st Century:

Bottled sodas have come a long way since then. Royal Diet Soda, a product of the parent company Oasis Group is one amongst them. A carbonated, fizzy drink that satisfies your thirst and provides value for money. Quality is what defines this brand. Above all, proper customer service is their prime goal and ‘means and ends’ to achieving a foothold in the market.

soda-2Advertisement And How It Can Help:

No matter how good a product is, it won’t get recognition on its own, will it? No, absolutely not. It needs to be promoted and branded and advertised in the marketplace for all the effort to bear fruit. This is where releaseMyAd came into the picture, which is a one-stop destination for all your advertising needs.

Oasis Group got in touch with us so that word about their brand could reach the masses. For this, a radio broadcast advertisement was implemented. The targeted ‘urban’ area was Chandigarh and the preferred radio station was My FM, one of the most renowned radio stations of the city.

Methods Adopted:

In order to successfully implement this Ad Campaign, the following steps were taken into consideration:

  • Period – A 10 day period was selected wherein the advertisement would be played on the radio station 10 times a day to allow it to sufficiently reach the masses.
  • Length – The total broadcasted time was roughly about 10 seconds to avoid the monotony from setting in (which is usually the case with prolonged ads).
  • Mode – A voiceover was preferred so that the message could be delivered clearly and coherently.

Targeted Audience

Since this Ad was being broadcasted during a festive season of Diwali, the target audience taken into consideration were primarily the youth, comprising of children, young-adults and people between the ages of 18 to 25.


The investments that Royal Diet Soda made in this Ad Campaign, paid off pretty well for it recorded a stark 16.23% increase in the sale of its products. This has led to a greater demand of its products at retail outlets (which wishes to stock a greater quantity of Diet Soda bottles to cater to the local needs).


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