Evaluating the Perks of Retail Advertising with a Popular Publication like Hindustan Times


hindustan-times-logoHindustan Times has been among the top 3 National English Newspapers since over a decade now. It is also considered to be the most widely circulated and most read newspapers in the Capital of India-Delhi. HT has been winning hearts of millions of readers and has only been growing due to its quality of news content. It is one of the very first newspapers to have gained so much faith of the readers across different regions.

retail-chains-advertising-with-htAlong with the faith of the readers, HT has also managed to gain the trust of many advertisers like you across the entire country.  It is a newspaper brand which does not even indulge in promoting itself much since it is already highly popular and trusted. Associating your brand with an already established and popular advertising medium such as Hindustan Times, ensures that the money spent on advertising is worth it.

Retail Advertising might seem to be a difficult task for many retail chains of garments, accessories, food, boutiques, jewellery and more in today’s competitive environment. But newspaper advertising has always been an easy answer to all the advertising issues of retailers. All forms of newspaper advertising including Classified Text, Classified Display or Display can be turned ideal for retail advertisers, based on their budget and as long as they choose the right newspaper.

For Retail Advertisers, HT is bound to be one of the best options for advertising their brand. The simple reason for this being that it is the most popular newspaper in the country’s shopping haven-Delhi.  Cosmopolitan Cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata and even Lucknow, people of all ages are highly conscious of their appearance, clothes etc.

ReleaseMyAd helps you choose the most suitable way to advertise and promote your Retail Advertisements, based on the budget you have assigned to your Newspaper Ad Campaign. Following are some tips that can assist you in getting your brand promoted, while keeping the expenses to a minimum:

retail-offer-promotions-with-Hindustan-timesFor the Beginners: For any new retail advertiser, who is entering the world of promotion and advertising, budget is always a constraint.  But without advertising, there is no scope of growing.  Therefore, for low budget retail advertisers, the best option is Classified Text Advertising in Hindustan Times. These are the most basic form of newspaper advertising which consist of only words/characters/ lines. They are charged based on the these 3 criteria and can be beautified or highlighted at a little extra charge, with bold letters, background highlights, ticks, screen borders etc.

For the Intermediates: For retailers who are already entered the world of advertising and competition, Display Classified Advertising in HT is the best option as they tend to spend more on advertising as their business flourishes. Such ads are measured in per sq. cm unit and are charged as per the size of the ad. They are also known as column ads as they are usually published in the form of columns. These ads are basically display ads that are published in the classified section. They can be designed with images, logos and your own creative body copy to make your ad stand out among the rest.

For the Experts: The largest and the most expensive form of newspaper advertising for any retailer is Display Advertising.  These ads can be published on any page except for classified pages. They too priced according to their size. Such ads are big budget ads and are preferred by commercial or jewellery brand advertisers for maximum attention of readers and prospective customers. These ads for big banners are often handled by ad agencies who look after the entire planning, execution and creative of the ad campaigns.

To opt for any of the above ad types and promote yourself with Hindustan Times to entice all those shopaholics, simply call us at 09830629298 or email is at book@releasemyad.com