Multiplex Ads with releaseMyAd helps Gotmybasket to get off the ground


Company Profile

Gotmybasket is Patna’s first and lone online supermarket. It houses everything that a home needs. Apart from being the largest grocery store in Patna with fresh fruits and vegetables, the website serves varieties of flour, rice, spices, edible oils, beverages etc. Baby foods, biscuits, noodles and pickles along with exotic food like Pasta, Vermicelli and cakes also find a place in their racks. This online store in Patna is a boon for people crunched for time. The favourite grocer of Patna stocks up personal care, household and stationery products like oils, soaps, shampoos, detergents, pens, notebooks etc. ready to be delivered at your doorstep at your convenience.  


As a new concept in Patna, Gotmybasket was looking for serious acceptance from the locals. Most of its target customers had no clue about the company or the range of their products. The Gotmybasket team also reported serious trust issues from their potential customers’ end.

They contacted releaseMyAd with the objective to devise an ad strategy that will take care of these snags in their path of growth.


The releaseMyAd team soon pointed out Gotmybasket’s clientele will be tech-savvy affluent people of Patna before the company gains an entryway into the general households.

We defined the following goals to be achieved with our ad campaign.

  •         Make Gotmybasket a household name in Patna.
  •         Induce target groups to buy all their home essentials only from Gotmybasket.

Our Strategy

Cine-polisWhile strategizing, our team noticed Gotmybasket delivers in only particular localities of the city ruling out newspaper and radio ads which would scatter our resources. Since we aimed to harness affluent and upper-middle class people in the age group of 20 to 50 we chose ads in Multiplexes of those localities where Gotmybasket delivers.

Cinema Ads have the distinct advantage of being more amenable with the audience due to a dearth of diversions at the movie hall. Moreover, research suggests cinema ads connect more emotionally with its viewers that increases brand recall in the long run.

Keeping things simple, our team designed audio slides for this campaign. The slides portrayed Gotmybasket as the one-stop solution for all your kitchen and personal care needs in Patna. We chose the P&M Mall-Cinepolis. Our choice was made on the mall’s proximity to areas where our esteemed clients supplied.

We decided to segment our ad campaign in different stages

  • We made sure our ads were in for a blockbuster week initially. This meant more footfalls and audiences who were being acquainted with Gotmybasket.
  • In the next stage, we ensured that all the four screens of Cinepolis played our ad for a month. This covered most viewers at the hall plus some repeat customers from the blockbuster week.
  • The third and final stage began after a gap of two weeks once the second stage concluded. This was undertaken in only two screens with 300+ seats to remind the majority of audiences about the benefits of shopping groceries with Gotmybasket.

Impact and Results

As with all our ad campaigns, this too was quite successful. As the first week began to conclude the Gotmybasket team reported an increased number of enquiries. Their site visits had increased too! As the weeks progressed Gotmybasket began to get more customers. They reported a total increase of 35.87% in their sales while the ad campaign ran.

The Gotmybasket team has also reported a stable rise of 1.8% since then in their total sales each month.

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