Austere Cinema Ads by VBHC wins over Mumbai & Delhi-NCR


VBHC came into existence with a vision of building a million homes in ten years. They aim to construct homes which are delivered on time and on a low budget, yet meet high-quality construction standards. The company is known for applying the latest technology for converting their real-estate company into a smooth property manufacturing unit.

VBHC is a real-estate conglomerate with projects in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi-NCR. Although extremely popular in Bangalore and Chennai as the perfect place to get quality homes at affordable prices and on time, the people of Delhi-NCR and Mumbai were not aware of VBHC.


To gain a foothold in Mumbai and Delhi-NCR, the company was looking for alternate mediums of advertising which could be easy on their pockets. VBHC’s main clientele have always been young couples looking to start a new life and raise families. All their projects have been created on this pattern and thus have special features to aid raising children and taking care of elderlies. In Mumbai and Delhi-NCR, the company aimed to focus on these family members in the age-group of 25 to 45. Their target was to let people know about the amenities they provide. The real-estate giant expected to create a buzz for their great amenities at economical prices.


When VBHC joined us as one of our esteemed clients, our team was quick to identify the core objectives of the group for advertising in Mumbai and Delhi-NCR.

  •         Create general awareness about VBHC.
  •         Project the brand as the perfect choice for budget-friendly quality      apartments.

The company was trying to focus on the upper-middle class couples who were looking to invest in not just ‘property’ but build homes.

Our Strategy

The releaseMyAd team decided to use Cinema ads for launching VBHC in Mumbai and Delhi-NCR. The decision was based on the fact that cinema audiences consist of our core target groups.

Cinema Ads have the following advantages apart from being economical, which compelled us to place our money on them for the VBHC campaign.

  • With cinema comes an escapist world. Once engrossed in the world of Cinema, the audience gets more receptive. In our case, this meant our TGs would absorb our ad message.
  • Also, this captive audience elicits a high brand recall. This was extremely necessary in the VBHC case as the brand was virtually unidentified in Mumbai and Delhi-NCR.
  • Multiplexes provide an ideal location as the young and affluent audiences come here for entertainment. And, since they are in a positive frame of mind the reception of the ads is better.

INOX-ADVERTISEMENTSOur team decided to roll out with the Mumbai campaign first. What we did was quite basic. Our designers made slides depicting the VBHC homes and how easy and safe it is to raise families in these budget home communities. The special provision for the elderlies and children were shown through these slides. We chose multiplexes like PVR Cinemas and INOX based on their footfalls of our target audiences.

The results since then have been phenomenal.

We phased the campaign for 3 weeks initially targeting the blockbuster movies across Mumbai. These budget ads paved the way for VBHC into the hearts and minds of the ‘Mumbaikars’. These ads specifically portrayed the perfect ‘dream home’ in the City of Dreams. The VBHC team reported increased enquiries at this stage.

The success of this 3-week campaign prompted VBHC to adopt the method in Delhi-NCR. The results were the same. In the meantime, we had begun the second phase of cinema advertising in Mumbai. This was for a longer duration. For 2 months at a stretch, we advertised VBHC in multiplexes like Big Cinemas, Cinepolis and Cinemax too, along with PVR and INOX. The idea was to acquaint most audiences from the target group to VBHC and its amenities-filled quality and secured living communities. Soon the Delhi-NCR campaign followed suit.

Impact and Results

As expected, the Cinema ad campaign showed favourable results in Delhi-NCR too. The major changes seen after the cinema ad campaigns in Mumbai and Delhi-NCR

  • The Sales Team at VBHC reported increased enquiries.
  • Lead conversions gained momentum by 17.2%.
  • Bookings with VBHC increased 20% in both the metros.

The trade tactic worked so well for VBHC that it adopted Cinema ads with releaseMyAd in all other locations – Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi-NCR.

VBHC’s next campaign in Bangalore included Cinema and Magazine ads with us. We bought ad spaces for VBHC homes in popular magazines like the weekly Taranga and the monthly Rooptara along with popular multiplexes of the city. And, again our team was bang on target.

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