How Common Sense Application in Advertising Helps Soar up Profits– An Insight on Ashok Sarees Ad Campaign


Ashok Sarees is a brand that is owned by Bansal Brothers & Co. which is one of the most prominent garments organisation, located in Burrabazar, Kolkata. This particularly Indian garments manufacturing company has been in Kolkata for generations and was initiated by Mr. Ashok Budhia  and is now taken over by his son Mr. Ankit Budhia. This company has been engaged in the manufacturing and designing of the latest trendy but traditional Indian attires which ranges from Salwar Suits, Sarees, Churidars, Handmade Wedding Sarees etc.

They have been associated with the garments industry for more than half a century and their association with releaseMyAd Media Pvt. Ltd. has been for more than 6 years. Indian traditional attires are always on high demand, be it during festivals, weddings, family celebrations as well as parties. Hence Ashok Sarees had the most in-demand products ready to be sold at the best prices. Not only do they have variety but they also have designer boutique traditional wear available with them. But in spite of having products that could be sold in any season or time of the year, they did need assistance with the their advertising campaign. Clothes have always been a fetish for women and they constitute the largest population of garment purchasers.

The Plan for Ashok Sarees Ad Campaign

The garment industry is extremely well-established in the northern and eastern zones of India. Their sale in these two regions of India makes up a considerable portion of the entire garment sales of the country. Hence it is essential to strategically plan the ad campaign for a product which faces immense competition from across the country.

newspaper-magazine-bengali-ad-ashok-sareeBifurcating Key Target Audience: The key target audience for Sarees and other Ethnic wear are Women. Women across all regions of India are the biggest purchasers of Indian traditional wear, especially, women ranging between the ages of 20-50 years. Almost 44% women prefer Salwar suits as formal attire and 25% prefer Sarees as Office or formal wear, while 53% of total women in India prefer ethnic wear for casual occasions. This formed the key target audience by gender, age-group and dressing preferences.

Location Specifications: The manufacturing unit of Ashok Sarees is located in the Kolkata, West Bengal and they also have a unit in Assam which has access to t many sections of the north-eastern part of India. They wanted to advertise in mainly these two regions as they had their set-up within these two-zones. Hence releaseMyAd ensured that we make use of all the major advantages of advertising in this zone as it is one of the most lucrative regions for garment business in India.

Selecting Multiple Media Platforms: In a competitive market it is essential to be seen and be present everywhere. Therefore it is best to be available across multiple media platforms-some traditional while some non-traditional such as Public Transports, Kiosks and even Metro Railway Incoda TV ads. ReleaseMyAd took up the entire responsibility of advertising across different media platforms such as Print, TVC, Radio and more for Ashok Sarees.

Composing Eye-Catchy Creatives:  Creatives constitute the most essential part of retail and garment advertising. They have to be essentially eye-catchy in order to get the attention necessary to induce prospective buyers to actually purchase the products which have to be further teamed up with attractive offers during the festive season. Eye-catchy creatives also include proper and comprehensible body copy as well as taglines which were also handled by the Creative Team of releaseMyAd. 

Campaigning for Ashok Sarees (Bansal Brothers& Co.)ooh-hoarding-ad-of-ashok-sarees

ReleaseMyAd has been campaigning for Ashok Sarees since the past 6 years and every year during the festive and marriage season the campaign picks up speed due to market competition and to keep up with the high-demand of Indian attire during this period. This year during the Durga Puja and Diwali as well Ashok Sarees introduced many festive offers to attract maximum customers from across the target locations.

The entire Ad Campaign was distributed across Media of different types such as:

Print Ads

A substantial part of the Ashok Sarees Ad campaign consisted of Print Ads in Newspapers and Magazines. A major Ad campaign was done covering the eastern zone during the Durga Puja Festival of 2013, which is the largest festival of the eastern region.

Newspaper Ads Ad Creative with a model draped in a Bengali style Saree was published across different regions of Eastern India such as Assam, Bihar and West Bengal. These ads included Hindi as well as Bengali Tagline and Body Copy. The newspapers which the ad campaign covered were Dainik Sambad, Amar Asom, Asomiya Pratidin, Anandabazar Patrika, Ei Somoy, Purbanchal Prahori and Sanmarg.

kiosk-ad-of-ashok-sareesMagazine Ads Similar Print ads were published across many popular magazines of Eastern India which are published in vernacular languages such as Bengali, Hindi and even Assamese. The magazine editions were the special Puja editions which were printed exclusively during the Durga Puja. These magazines are quite popular in the eastern zone and are usually monthly publications; the names of these magazines are Aajkaal Puja Magazine, Sharadiya Bartaman, Dainik Juga Sankha (Pujo Sankha), Anadalok and Sananda.


Hoardings & Banners Different hoardings and shop banners were put up across different prominent parts of major cities of the eastern zone which included Guwahati, Kolkata, Patna etc. These Out of Home Initiatives constituted the second most crucial part of the ad campaign and gathered a lot of attention for the brand during a peak season.

Kiosks Kiosk ads can be seen on bus stops, light posts, road side banners and even near airport escalators. But Ashok Saree ads were mainly displayed across light posts and alongside bus stops in several towns of the eastern region of India. They are mainly illumined kiosks for proper visibility at night for automobiles and passersby.

Public Transport Public Transport advertising is done best on Low-floor buses which have large windows and easily come to notice due to their massive size and elegant look. Since the move across different parts of a city, they reach out to huge and different types of audiences.


TVCs Television Commercials of Ashok Sarees were broadcasted on several regional channels in Bengali, Hindi and Assamese. This wasashok-saree-ad-on-buses done simply to make their presence prominent across all media channels as well as establish a massive brand value. TVCs are a way of emphatic advertising as they almost induce the viewer to endure adverts between their favourite programmes.  Also advertising on regional channels like Star Jalsha and Rupashi Bangla, ensures a huge female audience base exactly within the age group of 25-50 and above.

Radio Radio Jingles for Ashok Sarees were played along the entire day on Big FM-91.1 FM, from at least a month before the Durga Puja Festival ensuring maximum recall value for the brand. Repeatedly playing the ads also ensures that people are reminded about the offers and the brand in order to induce purchase or audience response.

Metro Railway TV For Ashok Sarees too, advertising through Incoda Television was a tactic to press metro railway conveyance users to view the ad while waiting for the next train and be convinced to at least take a look at the brand. Such advertising is also an excellent way for ensuring brand recall for the audiences.

This entire advertising campaign picked up the sale and brand recognition of Ashok Sarees by a margin of 20% during the Durga Puja Festival alone. Ashok Sarees, an initiative by Bansal Brothers & Co. , in association with releaseMyAd Media Pvt. Ltd. successfully performed beyond our expected results. Since this ad campaign, the sale for this particular brand has only gone up and there hasn’t been any looking back. They still continue to advertise with us and are going to gradually push up their ad campaigning across India.

Ad Campaigns That Define Our Success: This special section enlists the detailed Case Studies of all the successful ad campaigns run by releaseMyAd Media Pvt. Ltd. These campaigns have not only provided a new dimension to the products and services of our prestigious clients but have also construed the path towards our success as an Offline as well as Online Advertising Agency. With the help of this section we evaluate, understand and convey our advertising strategies, skills and our expertise in advertising for different media platforms.