Instant Booking of Obituary Advertisements in Newspapers Across India


newspaper-display-obituaryOften there are certain announcements which need to be made as a tribute to our loved ones. One of which is Obituary intimations. Under Obituary there are different sub-categories for which ads are published. These categories include Death Announcements, Death Anniversaries, Obituary Ceremony, Condolences, Commemoration, In Memoriam, Tributes and many more.

At a time of need and grief, it’s possible for us to miss out on certain necessary steps or announcements that we may need to make. This is where online ad booking services come in use and help you book your Obituary ads instantly. is India’s largest Online Ad Booking portal and have tie-ups with more than 165 Indian newspapers which include regional as well as Hindi and English Newspapers. You can book ads in all newspaper advertising categories through our website, instantly.

We at help you choose the newspaper, edition as well as the packages or offers that are available as per your requirement. For Obituary Advertising, advertisers like to use images of their beloved deceased family member or friend while providing condolences or announcing anniversaries and ceremonies. To serve this purpose we provide you with different ad types which are also modified according to your budget.

People with a low budget for Obituary advertising can opt for Classified Text ads in which you can convey the message or invitation to the ceremony in a concise manner. With a little extra cost you can ad enhancements such as word or line emboldening, ticks, background colour highlights as well as screen borders.display-classified-obituary-in-newspaper

Advertisers with a more extravagant budget can choose to advertise under Classified Display Ad Type or Display Ad Type. In this kind of ad type, people can upload images and add personal messages in a choice of their own design templates. You may also design your own Obituary and simply it uploads it in .JPEG/.PDF/.EPS/.TIFF format.

Unlike popular believe, you can book your ads in regional languages online in any vernacular newspaper with our complimentary Language Translation service or you may create your ad in any regional language and upload the same as mentioned above.

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