Radio ads help IIMR Patna to fill 100% seats with the first batch


IIMR is India’s first institute for professionally training Medical Representatives. The Indian Institute of Medical Representative was initiated with the idea of polishing and providing the best minds for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. With placements in companies like Dabur, Himalayas, Johnson & Johnson etc., this can be a great career alternative for students after graduation. The institute has several training centres at various locations in India.

Advertisement Goal

IIMR sought economical advertising solutions in Patna and Bikaner for their new academic sessions. They had opened new training centres in the cities and wanted to advertise, thus. IIMR wanted to advertise its presence in Patna and Bikaner and at the same time wanted students to enrol in their courses.

Challenges in Promoting IIMR

Medical Representatives traditionally got on-the-job training in India. The idea of a special institute catering only to the education and training of the MRs was unheard of before IIMR came along. Thus, acceptance of the idea was of utmost importance for the campaign to be successful. IIMR approached releaseMyAd with these key details. Our team was instructed to create an ad campaign which will increase admissions in the two new centres of IIMR- Patna and Bikaner.

Ad Strategy

Since IIMR courses admit only graduates and postgraduates, our target groups consisted of people in the age group of 20 to 27. We also knew that IIMR will appeal to the middle-class students more due to its fee structure. We chose radio ads for the purpose because

  • Its high penetration in the given markets – Patna and Bikaner.
  • Low-cost of device maintenance which leads to its popularity with the middle classes.
  • Radio’s omnipresent quality which ensures even people in the vicinity of the radio playing comes into contact with it.

Our ad plan was simple. We prepared a detailed ad defining the benefits of the course and employment opportunities in Hindi. We were going to use this 20-second ad in both the cities.

We began the ad campaign for Patna first. We chose to advertise with Radio Mirchi based on its high listenership in Patna. It is among the most favoured radio stations of the city. Our team decided to advertise in Patna ten times daily, three days in a row. We knew it would do the trick. And, it did. The IIMR, Patna office reported positive results on the first day of the campaign itself.

In Bikaner, we followed the same pattern. Three days and ten times daily, the IIMR ad played on BIG FM of Bikaner. Here, we went for Reliance’s BIG FM owing to its popularity in Bikaner.  Here too, the magic of releaseMyAd’s media plan worked and the IIMR office started to get admissions enquiry within no time.


The IIMR centres in Patna and Bikaner, both reported positive results after the ad campaign. In Patna, IIMR reported seats to be 100% filled and the Bikaner centre had 92% of admissions.

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