Peppertap knocks with newspaper and radio ads to deliver home essentials at your doorstep


Peppertap’s Profile

Peppertap is your new-age home-essentials shopping destination. It is a new concept that has changed the way people buy groceries and other. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Peppertap began its journey as an online portal that delivered groceries at your doorstep. Within a year, the company expanded to serve metros and other Tier I & Tier II cities like Agra and Meerut too. Peppertap supplies fruits, vegetables, staples, spices, detergents, floor cleaners, edible oils, beverages, frozen foods etc. In short, a few taps with Peppertap can save you the weekly trip to the supermarket.

Need for Advertising

Peppertap was a new concept when it launched in Gurgaon. The company found itself growing and expanding within a few months. In 2015, it went ahead with a nationwide launch. Peppertap needed to scream its existence. Thus, the need for advertising rose. The company wanted to go all guns blazing on the customer’s’ senses. They aimed to make their presence known on all platforms.

The Agency Peppertap Chose

Peppertap being a young venture was looking for a partner which was young and would understand its needs. They wanted an agency that would stick to their budget plan and ensure a high return on investments. Peppertap soon came across releaseMyAd, the favourite online ad portal of start-ups. Their philosophies clicked. And with releaseMyAd on board Peppertap took the nation with a storm.

The Target for Us

Peppertap wanted brand recognition. They were looking to increase their site visits too. Peppertap had launched in several cities where it was looking towards growing its business.

What we did

Our first task was to define the target groups. We concluded after thorough research that the tech-savvy affluent or upper-middle class people between the ages of 20-50 would suit our purpose. The paucity of time in these metros and Tier I & II cities will enable Peppertap to tap the confidence and loyalty of its customers. With assured delivery at your doorstep within 2 hours and minimal delivery charges, Peppertap soon expected to become a leader in the markets of Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Jaipur. We knew, initially Peppertap would only appeal to the affluent sections of the society but with time and its aspirational value, it was sure to have a trickle-down effect.

The Media Plan

As we aimed to reach a huge mass of people and increase brand recognition for the company we decided to bombard the target audiences. We took up newspaper ads in leading newspapers of the city along with radio ads, playing throughout the day. Our plan was to simultaneous launch both the campaigns.

The newspaper ads would appear only on weekends as Jacket Front Ads or Jacket Front and Back Ads on the main newspaper. This would continue over a period of 3 months, beginning in July it would run till the first week of October. As we were targeting the bulk of the population in these cities, we went for the Times of India. Keeping the diverse target audience in mind we also advertised in Hyderabad’s Deccan Chronicle, Delhi’s Hindustan Times, Pune’s Sakal and Chennai’s The Hindu too. This ensured the full page display ad was available to most in the aforementioned cities.

The radio ads, on the other hand, would play only in Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Top radio stations like Big FM, Radio Mirchi, Radio City, etc. were used for the purpose.

  • For Delhi, Big FM, Fever, Radio City, Oye! Radio One & Red FM was used.
  • In Hyderabad, we partnered with Big FM, Radio City, Radio Mirchi & Red FM to spread the word about Peppertap.
  • Pune heard the radio ads on Radio City, Radio Mirchi and Radio One.
  • In Bangalore, the ads were heard on Big FM, Fever, Radio Mirchi, Radio One and Radio Indigo.

The Commercials

Our radio ad consisted of a 20sec commercial that brought out the advantages of shopping home-requirements through Peppertap. This ad was played throughout the day on the radio stations of Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad for the month of July. The Bangalore radio campaign was conducted in August while the newspapers carried a full page display ad ensuring no one misses the Peppertap ads.

Results after the Ad Campaign

The Peppertap Ad campaign remains one of our most successful ventures. The ad campaign not only established Peppertap as the best online grocery store but amplified its earnings too. Sales at all the cities took off once the ad campaign began. Here is an overview,

  • In Delhi-NCR, Peppertap found 24% more consumers.
  • Sales in Hyderabad picked up 43%.
  • In Pune, sales caught momentum and reached an all-time high of 15%.
  • Sales in Bangalore caught up with Delhi-NCR sales of Peppertap.
  • In Chennai, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Jaipur, advertising reaped benefits too. Peppertap reported increased sales by 21%, 33%, 38% and 18% respectively.
  • But it was the City of Dreams, Mumbai which made our dreams come true. In Mumbai, site visits increased by a massive margin of 65% and sales reached a new height of 48%.

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