The Odyssey of Birla Gold Century Cement from Sonar Bangla Cement


Century Cement is part of the Century Textiles and Industries Ltd. It is one of the popular and cement manufacturing unit of the renowned B. K Birla group of companies. This particular manufacturing wing of Century Cement is headed by an extremely capable board of directors and the Chairman of the company is Shri Sajjan Bhajanka. He has an experience of almost 25 years in business management in numerous fields and manages certain other wings of Century Industries as well.


They have their headquarters located in Kolkata, West Bengal and a manufacturing unit in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are among the top manufacturers and sellers of cement in the entire eastern and north-eastern zone of India, predominantly Assam. The range of cement types were earlier referred to as Sonar Bangla Cement (Golden Bengal Cement) across the eastern and north-eastern zone.

Their main products are the heavily endorsed Birla Gold and Birla Shakti Cement (current name) which has captured a massive share of the cement market in the eastern zone. They have captured the market due to the superior quality of the cement that they manufacture as a result of many advanced technologies that they follow. The premium technology used to manufacture cement in their pollution free-plant has earned them the prestigious International Certification of ISO-9001 for having a remarkable ‘Quality Management System’. They were also bestowed with the ‘Environmental Management System’ certification of ISO-14001 for contributing to maintaining a pollution-free environment in and around their manufacturing units.


The type of blend used in their cement includes PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement) and PSC (Portland Slag Cement). This mixture offers durability, strength, protection from chemicals and several other advantages to structures built from it. The name Birla Gold and Birla Shakti has been inspired from the premium quality of the blend of cements used. Apart from this the advertising strategy implemented them in association with releaseMyAd, who has been their advertising partner for the past 19 years.


Being a part of the B.K. Birla Group of Industries, gaining the trust of the audiences was not a difficult task. Rather it eased the process of trust building which is also an integral part of large scale advertising. Cement manufacturing appears to be a somewhat monotonous and uninteresting affair.  Therefore promoting it and making it stand becomes a challenging procedure, which was successfully attained as testified by the popularity of the Birla Gold and Birla Shakti brand.

What was the strategy behind the Success of the Brand?

  • Highlighting the key point of difference from other cement manufacturing competitors, i.e. recognising the USP of the brand
  • Ensuring attractive and varied creative ad designs for different media platforms unlike other cement companies
  • Identifying their target region and choosing the media vehicles based on its popularity and reach across the target region

These were the 3 crucial points that were kept in mind while building the plan of action for promoting the brand and resulted in an ad campaign that included multiple media platforms.

OOH- Birla Gold and Birla Shakti ad creatives were put up across different parts of the cities of Guwahati, Kolkata and Siliguri. The language used in the taglines varied from Bengali, Hindi to Assamese. Even different large hoardings were put up for prominent visibility across different areas of the eastern and north eastern cities.













The out of home advertising also included shop shutter and front paintings of the brand’s creative ads and wall paintings in remote areas for maximum reach. The OOH campaign of Century Cement also included putting up banners at the back of buses and bus stands in Kolkata.


Print Ads- The print ads in case of Birla Gold and Birla Shakti cement was not limited to Newspapers but also included many regional newspapers of Assam. The Assamese newspapers in which Birla Gold and Birla Shakti ads were printed included, Niyamiya Varta, Asomiya Khabar, Amar Asom, Agrodoot, Asomiya Pratidin, Purbanchal Prahori, Assam Tribune along with a Hindi daily of Assam known as Purvoday. The different ads were published across different editions of Guwahati, Jorhat, Dibrugarh, Lakhimapur, Tinsukia and more. Some of the newspapers covered almost the whole of Assam.


Radio Ads- Radio Jingles of Century Cement are still played across different Radio Stations in different parts of West Bengal and Assam. The radio ads are covered by Red FM-93.5 in Siliguri and Kolkata, Radio Misty-94.3 in Siliguri and Radio One-94.3 in Kolkata, All India Radio (AIR)in Murshidabad (West Bengal) and Friends FM-91.1 in Kolkata.

TVCs- Television commercials of Birla Gold and Birla Shakti have been playing in different languages in different channels of Kolkata and Assam, predominantly on News Channels. The news channels include almost all the renowned TV news channels which are highly popular across West Bengal and Assam. The channels include Kolkata TV, 24 Ghanta, ABP Ananda, CTVN, Rupashi Bangla and News Time in Assam. These ads were also played across all metro stations of Kolkata broadcasted through Incoda TV.

The advertising campaign for Century Cement a.k.a Sonar Bangla Cement has been a relentless process of advertisement including formulation of new creatives and inclusion of more and more media vehicles. releaseMyAd Media Pvt. Ltd. has been the advertising partner for Century Cement for as long as 19 years and are still going strong. We plan to venture into the online or digital promotion of the brand across different platforms such as adwords, website and content development.






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