What are the Best Mediums for Executing an Effective Advertising Campaign in Kolkata?



To execute an effective ad campaign in a city, understanding the demographic details of that city is of primary importance. The population figures of Kolkata differ considerably from the rest of the country or India as a whole. The mentality and the thought process is also different from that of other cities and to reach out to your audience, understanding the way they think is a part and parcel of the whole advertising process. The advertising needs of each city differ from the other in respect of type of audience, age-group of audience or rather potential audience, gender division and more.

Kolkata has a total population of almost 45 Lac people, of which 52.4% are male and 47.6% are female according to the 2011 population census. This marks the gender ratio of the city to about 908 females per 1000 males. These figures provide an insight into the fact that who are you trying to promote your brand to and who is most likely to be convinced and purchase from you.

Why Choose Us

With a quick Google search you can find almost 2000 certified agencies in Kolkata. Of these agencies, different agencies cater to small and large organisations having local or national presence. However their servicing levels might vary greatly, making it imperative for you to choose your advertising partner carefully to help execute your ad campaign.

Advertisers with big budgets always get precedence over those who have an average or low range advertising budget. In this race of acquiring the big clients, the small and medium sized enterprises end up losing out on essential advertising services, benefits and advises. Very few Ad agencies offer negotiation and advertising services of experts across different media vehicles integrated on a single online platform. This is where releaseMyAd is unique in our advertising services. We offer a platform through which you can use different advertising services like media planning, buying and Creative development in any medium of advertising.  You can simply pick and choose the services and media vehicles you need for promoting your brand and then Contact our Experts to effectively execute the campaign.

Ad agencies like releaseMyAd in Kolkata have been engaged in advertising for conspicuous names from different sectors, starting with the B.K Birla group of companies to Sawansukha Jewellers. ReleaseMyAd has special media relations with local and national Media Houses among Newspapers and Radio Stations along with exhaustive knowledge of all Digital Platforms, to help you with you campaign planning, media buying and creative development.

Factors that assist your Media Planningadvertising-food-in-kolkata

The average literacy rate of Kolkata is around 86%, among which 88% males are literate while about 84% females are literate. Such details ensure the fact that how many people are capable of reading or may be, comprehending other languages apart from Bengali or their mother tongue.  Such figures help you know more about your audience and consequently formulate a Media Plan by gauging the horizon of possible audience reach.

Recognising the specific regions in Kolkata where you need to reach out to your audience in order of intensity is highly essential. Kolkata is divided into North, South, East and West and all these regions have people who represent a different kind of audience.

For instance a person residing in Dumdum, Dakhineshwar or Maniktala is more likely to be impressed or convinced with a newspaper or radio ad than an online ad, while a person from Ballygunge, Jadavpur or Jodhpur Park will more easily be convinced with online advertisements. Hence, breaking down your audience based on their locality is crucial to the selection of your media vehicle. More detailed information on our Approach towards Media Planning is easily accessible to all interested advertisers.

Above all, the people of this city, more often than not need cost-effectiveness and value for money while making any purchase.

Popular Media Vehicles for Advertising in Kolkata

The most important thing when choosing the media for advertising is to know which is the most relevant and popular media platform among the city audience. The budget for your ad campaign is also a significant deciding factor when it comes to choosing the media platform and having access to a more in-depth Analysis on Media Buying always helps.

In Kolkata, Newspaper Advertising is the most popular form of advertising for individuals as well as display advertisers. People have relied on the information derived from newspaper for decades and still have an inclination towards it, in Kolkata. Kolkata inhabitants are avid readers and are fascinated by creativity and details and releaseMyAd Kolkata is well aware of that. We have official tie-ups with the best regional and most widely circulated national newspapers in Kolkata. These Newspapers include The Telegraph, The Statesman and Hindustan Times among English newspapers and Anandabazar Patrika, Bartaman, Ei Somoy among Bengali and some Hindi newspapers such as Sanmarg and Prabhat Khabar.


The next most preferred form of advertising in Kolkata is through the internet. Pertaining to a high literacy rate among both males and females online marketing and online advertising has taken precedence over many platforms of advertising. You can easily opt for Digital Advertising in Kolkata, if you have a limited budget but need to reach out to a wider but tech savvy audience through social media, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) along with Web and Content Development.

The third best option is Radio advertising as the city has an average listenership of almost 2.1 million, combining the top 3 Radio Stations. These radio stations are highly popular among the younger population, especially the working class which has the highest purchasing power in Kolkata. The most popular stations include Red FM-93.5, Big FM-98.7 and Radio One-94.3.

Kolkata-The City of Joy is known for producing some of the well-known prodigies in the field of advertising as it is the hometown for several acclaimed advertisers, creative heads and more. It has given birth to legendary ad film makers and advertising experts like Satyajit Ray, Sukumar Ray and the recently deceased Rituparno Ghosh. They have left an unmatched legacy of creativity and talent in the world of advertising which inspires and motivates many aspiring ad world youngsters, to this date.

Kolkata audience demands maximum deliverance at minimum cost. ReleaseMyAd ensures that to you as well for carrying on your ad campaign in the City of Joy-Kolkata. For more information, simply call us at 09830629298. You can also email us at book@releasemyad.com for Newspaper Advertising, jpaul@releasemyad.com for Radio Advertising and digital@releasemyad.com for a complete digital advertising campaign.