How to choose the Best Advertising Agency in Delhi to help execute your Ad Campaign?


delhi-is-the-advertisers-havenAs an advertiser you might often wonder whether the money that is spent on or allocated to advertising is worth it or not? The answer can be determined by the changes in the ROI of a brand that has chosen any particular or a mix of different mediums of advertising. Advertisers with massive budgets may not even ask or ponder over the dilemma of choosing an advertising partner and all the hassles are tackled and taken care of by their agencies. But the small and medium sized companies face the blow when it comes to choosing a complete and accomplished ad agency for them.

While choosing an ad agency in Delhi is not a difficult task but ensuring all the services that come with advertising may not be as easy as it is in case of larger organisations or MNCs.  The ones with the big bucks get the best of services from the ad world. But a large section of the SMEs, of which you are a part, remain deprived of these services, even though you generate maximum revenue in India. So how should you ensure that you get all the high profile services within your budget?delhi-ht-full-page-ad

The simple solution is to understand your own advertising needs such as Media Planning, buying, creative designing and campaign tracking and making the selection based on them. ReleaseMyAd in Delhi is meant for advertisers like you, who need to pick and choose from the various advertising services as per their requirement and budget, rather than being hoarded on by unnecessary expensive icing. Through our Online Advertising Platform, we can service you in any part of Delhi.

Services Essential to help pick the Ideal Agency

There are majorly three Advertising Services that are essential for an effective execution of an ad campaign.

Media Planning is the ladder that leads you to a thorough market research, locally as well as nationally, of any audience. For this, one needs to analyse and understand the demographics of the population of Delhi (in this case). We do all the market research for you in the most populated metropolitan city of India with a population of more than 1. 6 crore.


Delhi is one of the largest cities in India in terms of size and market for different brands of different intensity. The scope for advertising is huge in this specific city due to its extremely high purchasing power and knack for new things to keep up with the latest trend. This brings us to Media Buying within your Budget ensuring maximum exposure. You might often get perplexed with the fact that you can only be the best advertiser if you have the best and biggest budget. But that doesn’t hold true in Delhi as different mediums of advertising are rapidly emerging and preceding the traditional way of advertising.

A research conducted on about 4,200 households in Delhi shows that Radio has proved to be an excellent way of advertising for many small and medium enterprises. The Top 3 Radio stations of Delhi alone have a listenership of 49.31 lakhs per day and considered to be one of the most economical mediums of advertising.

You can review the rates for a 10 second audio advert in the top 3 FM stations of Delhi along with their average listenership details, in the table provided below:

Name of Radio Station Average Listeners Per Day (5 times Slots) in 000’s Rates for 10 seconds ad
Fever FM- 104 570.44  Rs 1,200
Radio Mirchi-98.3 355.9  Rs 1,630
Big FM-92.7 298.44  Rs 728

Newspaper Advertising is another option for low budget advertisers since a newspaper ad price varies based on the size & location of it as well as the popularity of the newspaper. For instance, advertising in Hindustan Times which is the most widely read newspaper of the city with a readership of almost 22.09 lakhs, will be very expensive but the same ad together in Business Line and Navbharat Times will cost you less than half of that and will ensure reach in multiple as well as variety of households.


The rates for a standard (minimum size) Display ad to be published in the Top 3 English Dailies of Delhi along with the circulation and readership details in order of the preference of the readers, is provided in the table below:

Name of The Publication Circulation in Delhi Readership in Delhi Rate of a 4 cm X 4 cm Display Ad on Any Page of the Newspaper
Hindustan Times 9.98 Lakhs 22.09 Lakhs  Rs 54,400
Times of India 11.63 Lakhs 21.34 Lakhs  Rs 59,200
The Indian Express 5.27 Lakhs 11.46 Lakhs  Rs 12,160

 The minimum size display ad rates for the top 3 Hindi Dailies of Delhi with readership and circulation details have been provided below:

Name of The Publication Circulation in Delhi Readership in Delhi Rate of a 4 cm X 4 cm Display Ad on Any Page of the Newspaper
Navbharat Times 4.23  Lakhs 19.71 Lakhs  Rs 22,160
Dainik Jagran 3.19 Lakhs 19.35 Lakhs  Rs 15,696
Hindustan 2.99 Lakhs 19.09 Lakhs  Rs 12,000

 In this similar manner ReleaseMyAd assists you with the selection of the best media platform for your target audience and very much within your advertising budget.

We also offer you complete services for your Online Advertising Campaign across different digital mediums such as Website and Content Development, Google Ad words and even Social Media. Social Media is one of the most popular forms of Online Advertising across Delhi. Not only is it popular among teenagers and the youth but also among middle aged people due to massive urbanisation across the city. More and more people are becoming tech-savvy or rather social media savvy making it an ideal, attractive engaging and interactive medium for most advertisers.

delhi-prefers-facebook-for-advertisingBased on your budget, we further help you decide on, create and design the Creative Development Necessary for your media platform. Complete assistance is provided for Print Ad Creatives, Radio Jingles, Online Banner Ad designs and even Social Media Creatives.

To appeal to the people of “Dildaar Dilli”, ensure that you pick the advertising partner who not only understands your needs but also the needs of your target audience. For any further assistance, you can call us at 09830629298 or email us at .