How to identify the most preferred mediums for effective advertising in Delhi?


newspaper-ad-in-toi-delhiThe most basic requirement for executing Effective Advertising is to acknowledge the needs of your target audience.  Apprehending the demographics of a city like Delhi is highly crucial before launching any ad campaign, due to the diversity in its population, the choices of the people and the size of the city. Every city has its own way of responding to advertising and the people of Delhi are much beyond being easily convinced into any kind of purchase.

The total population of Delhi city alone is around 1.1 crore, but the total population, including the NCR (National Capital Region) or entire metropolitan region which includes Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Alwar and more towns of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana is almost 1.6 crore. Of such a huge population, 53.6% are males and 46.4% are females. In spite of being lower in number than their male counterparts, females are the biggest spenders in the capital region of India. In spite of having a child population of 10.99% of the total population, they also indirectly come in the bracket of purchasers as fashion and style is not limited just to adults.

While advertising in any city it is also essential to know about the literacy rates of the same. It can be well-established that on an average about 87.6% of the total population of Delhi is literate, of which about 91.44% males are literate and 83.20% of females are literate. Due to massive urbanisation of the Delhi/NCR area, more and more people are becoming literate and the fact that it’s the capital of the country.

Why go for releaseMyAd Delhi


Advertising in Delhi requires quite a bit of effort from the perspective of Planning, Buying and even creativity. People have very little patience and are always running short of time. They are always looking for a quick solution to all their necessities and problems. Even Advertisers like you intend to have everything done within a short span of time.

A brisk Google search can tell you that there are more than 10,000 advertising agencies in Delhi and the regions surrounding it. Every single agency is efficient and caters to advertising through a single or a maximum of two media platforms. What most of these agencies don’t have is an integrated online platform through which you can pick and choose the mediums and services that you require. ReleaseMyAd in Delhi supports you online to fulfill all your advertising requirements across multiple media platforms.

For small and medium sized companies Budget allocation is among the topmost priorities for which setting up a Media Buying plan is essential. Concocting a media buying plan helps in appropriate allotment of your finances and also goes a long way in helping you choose the right medium for advertising. This is because; allocating money to the medium of advertising actually constitutes a considerable percentage of your total advertising budget.

Contacting Our Experts helps you get the right kind of assistance in not only media buying but also Media Planning and Creative Development for your entire ad campaign.

Essential Elements That Effect your Ad Campaign

Numerous factors govern the planning, creation and implementation of your ad campaign. First and foremost is the fact that you must understand your audience well before taking any step towards advertising. A full-fledged market research comes in very handy for initiating any ad campaign as it tells about the generic psyche of your target audience. It also helps identify the audience you need to target through your advertising campaign.

For instance, an area like Saket is an ideal place for targeting shopaholics or retail customers with the help of a quick questionnaire for feedback. The southern residential areas of Delhi such as Greater Kailash, Lajpat Nagar and Hauz Khaas are havens of their own kind for ambitious real estate developers who need information on how a property should be to attract maximum buyers.

Its known as ‘Dildaar Dilli’ for the simple reason that the urban population has access to massive amounts of money and do not shy away from expensive purchases. Getting quality services and trendy things is more important to them than the price tags. They also do not shy away from trying new things and experimenting with different brands and services, therefore it is an ideal place to advertise without the worry making discount offers every now and then.

Sought After Advertising Mediums of Delhi


Although OOH advertising has a huge market share in the advertising industry of Delhi, but it is a highly expensive affair for low budget advertisers such as you. Therefore knowing about the different economical but effective advertising mediums, in order of the preference of the audience becomes mandatory.

Like many other cities, Newspapers are the best medium of Advertising in Delhi due to their massive population. Almost everyone reads the newspaper or rather every household in the capital has access to a Newspaper. The average readership of the 2 most popular English Newspapers which are Hindustan Times and Times of India is about 22.09 lakh and 21.34 lakh respectively. While the readership of regional or Hindi newspapers like Navbharat Times, Dainik Jagran and Hindustan is about 19.71 lakh, 19.35 lakh and 19.09 lakh respectively.

Radio Advertising is the second most effective form of advertising in Delhi as the peak hours have an average of almost 13.73 lakh listeners every day, combining the top 3 radio stations of Delhi. The most favourite radio stations of Delhi include Fever FM-104 FM, Radio Mirchi-98.3 FM and Radio City-91.1 FM. A large section of these listeners includes working people as well as housewives and these two sections constitute maximum percentage of buyers of varied services and commodities. Hence advertising through radio

Advertising Online is the upcoming trend in different metropolitan regions of India, including Delhi. A lot of people engage into online shopping via Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Banner ads on such sites as well as online news websites are an ideal way of online advertising for the people of Dildaar Dilli.

Other economical modes of advertising include Magazine ads and for people with bigger budgets hoarding ads. Delhi has always been the center of many political and trendsetting events since the time it became the Capital of India. The city in itself is said to have a really big heart as people from different cultural backgrounds and religions easily make their space here. A diverse population resides in this city and it is one of the most fashionable cities with a rich cultural heritage and historical relevance and releaseMyAd helps deliver our advertising services for approaching such diverse audience and promoting your brand.

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