What Factors Are Prerequisite in an Ad Agency in Kolkata for an Emphatic Ad Campaign?


kolkata-science-cityAs a proprietor, no one understands the exigency of an effective and compelling Ad Campaign, more than you. In today’s age of competitiveness and “survival of the best”, everyone intends to be in the limelight as most advertisers understand that “out of sight means out of mind”. People advertise to drive results and the one who can make his brand’s presence felt across different platforms effectively is the one who stands out. The prominent names in the world of advertising and brand promotion are usually spared of the worries of that accompany the effective execution of an ad campaign. They have large budgets and can easily pick the best ad agency in the market that does all the work for them.

display-advertising-in-abp-kolkataIt’s quite the same in Kolkata as well. Advertisers pick ad agencies based on their budget and their campaigns too are designed accordingly. But the numerous SMEs like you, who need brand promotion much more than the already renowned names, are deprived of such services due to budget constraints. As opposed to this, small and medium sized enterprises have the leisure to experiment with different ad agencies as well as new and upcoming media platforms. All these experiments can be done, well within your budget and with the best of advertising services. How?

Well, with releaseMyAd in Kolkata you have access to all the services necessary to execute a successful ad campaign and get all the attention you need. At first, understanding your own advertising is highly crucial for proceeding with any advertising campaign. The basic requirements for any ad campaign include media buying, media planning and creative designing. ReleaseMyAd offers all of these services through an integrated Online Advertising Platform along with expert assistance and choices of different media platforms.  You can also choose from the services that are offered at releaseMyAd as per your own requirement, as many SMEs prefer tackling certain advertising services in-house to save as much as possible on their finances.

Tailor Made Services for your Campaign

The selection of your ad agency is driven by the availability of services and media vehicles as well as proper market research.

An effective Media Planning depends on the extent of your market research and understanding the target audience. If you know about how your audience thinks or what appeals to them and what doesn’t, then a massive section of the work becomes really easy. Even the selection of your media vehicle is driven by the way you understand your audience. With an urban population of more 45 lakhs, the communal variation in population in Kolkata is not as high as other cities in India. People believe in control expenditure and the City of Joy is not too spendthrift. Hence convincing them is more difficult in almost every field.

radio-mirchi-best-fm-station-at-kolkataBut they definitely have a liking for cultural, creative and artistic talent and excellence. The audience in this city can be more conveniently won over with a Creative Advertisement than a highly preferred brand. While creating any advertisement for the audience of Kolkata, as an advertiser, you must concentrate on creativity and presentation as well highlighting major offers or discounts to attract maximum attention.

Here is when the right Allocation of your Advertising Budget becomes essential along with the selection of the media that you choose to advertise in. Creative development and media options are the main things for which you pay, more than planning your ad campaign. So choosing the media vehicle carefully is highly essential in order to keep your financial budget within limits. In order to get the accustomed to how releaseMyAd assists with the selection of the media platform for your ad campaign, below are the rates of display advertising in the Top 3 English newspapers of Kolkata, as per readership.

Name of The Publication

Circulation in Kolkata

Readership in Kolkata

Rate of a 4 cm X 4 cm Display Ad on Any Page of the Newspaper

The Telegraph

3.40 lakhs

12.75 lakhs

 Rs. 21,120
The Times of India

2.55 lakhs

5.35 lakhs

 Rs. 18,640
The Statesman (Weekday)

1.80 lakhs

4.09 lakhs

 Rs. 12,800
The Statesman (Sunday)

2.30 lakhs

4.09 lakhs

 Rs. 14,960

 The advertising rates for Top 3 Regional Newspapers, inclusive of Bengali and Hindi are provided in the following table:

Name of The Publication

Circulation in Kolkata

Readership in Kolkata

Rate of a 4 cm X 4 cm Display Ad on Any Page of the Newspaper

Anandabazar Patrika

7.38 lakhs

26.99 lakhs

 Rs. 40,640

5.34 lakhs

10.83 lakhs

 Rs. 4,800
Sanmarg (Hindi)

3.48 lakhs

4.42 lakhs

 Rs. 6,400


Radio is considered to be the cheapest mode of advertising in Kolkata and is just next to Delhi in popularity as an advertising medium, among the top metropolitan cities of India. The details about listeners and rates of the Top 3 Radio Stations of Kolkata are provided in the following table:

Name of Radio Station

Average Listeners Per Day (5 times Slots) in 000’s

Rates for 10 seconds ad

Radio Mirchi-98.3


 Rs. 453

Big FM-92.7


 Rs. 403

Radio One-94.3


 Rs. 90



Online Advertising is the most popular platform for advertising, right after newspapers, across Kolkata. Banner ads on Social media, SEM, content management, website designing and developing, all are popular services under digital advertising and promotion. It is the latest trend for the tech savvy yet creative people of Kolkata to be a part of this race in digital advertising. The main reason behind this is that you can easily make your presence felt on a channel that gives precedence to searches based on locations as well as across different locations. This means, no matter from where your ad is getting made or from which region to choose to upload your advert online, anyone from anywhere can see you, while visiting the relevant site or through related Google searches.

The Experts at releaseMyAd, available for helping you in every possible manner for the effective execution of your ad campaign in your chosen city, are highly experienced people who have handled campaigns across media.

For any clarification on how to book an ad in any newspaper, you can email us at book@releasemyad.com, for advertising through radio, email jpaul@releasemyad.com and for beginning your own online campaign, email on digital@releasemyad.com. You can also call us on 09830629298 for detailed analysis of your desired ad campaign and your advertising requirements.

To ensure that you get to advertise on any of the platforms you desire, releaseMyAd has efficiently maintained cordial relationships with all major media publications, radio stations across Kolkata. We are also among the first Premier SMB Partners of Google of India.