How to Choose the Best Advertising Medium for an effective Ad Campaign in Mumbai?


collage-of-mumbai-cityWhenever you intend to advertise in a specific city or have a specific target audience in mind, what is of utmost importance is to understand the audience of that city. Different cities have different people possessing different mindsets and the same things may not appeal to them alike. Mumbai is one of the most popular metropolitan cities known for being home to the best advertising ideas and the people who invent them. Your target audience can vary based on age group, literacy and gender and that’s what sets each city apart from another.

Mumbai along with its metropolitan area has a population of around 1.8 crores of which 53.73% are males while 46.27% are females. In spite of this disparity in the percentage of males and females, the ratio between the two gives a different picture, since there are around 926 females of 1000 males. These numbers include all the different regions that fall under the metropolitan conglomerate of Mumbai, which include Thane, Kalyan, Dombivali, Navi Mumbai, Mira, Bhayander etc. The figures provide an insightful view into the type of audience you may intend to target in Mumbai.  Also it helps you understand the audience much better as a considerable amount of expenditure is controlled by the urban women in all metropolises, be it retail, groceries or even big brands. The average literacy rate of Mumbai and its surrounding areas is almost 90.78% which includes 93.85% of males and 87.19% of females.

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A brisk Google search shows that there are more than 5000 advertising agencies in Mumbai which services, big, medium as well as small enterprises. Different agencies excel in different fields and mediums of advertising such as Newspapers, OOH, Radio, Online, and Social Media. But there are very few advertising agencies who have tie ups with national as well as regional media houses. ReleaseMyAd in Mumbai maintains excellent relationships with Newspaper Publications, Radio Stations and is among the first Premier SMB partners of Google in India.

We cater to major clients like the B.K Birla Group of Companies as well as enterprises with all kinds of budget with utmost diligence and care. We put in as much efforts in handling budget clients as we do for big budget clients. This is the main reason we have put across an integrated digital platform to help you pick and choose the advertising services and mediums that you intend to advertise in. ReleaseMyAd offers different services across different platforms which start with Media Planning, Media Buying and end with Creative Development. We also analyse and track your ad campaign on your behalf to help cover up the loopholes, resolve issues and perform better.

You can also choose to opt for the help of Our Advertising Experts in order to understand your audience, plan, implement and evaluate your ad campaign effectively.

Factors that Ascertain your Media Platform

You need to understand the demographics of a city before implementing any ad campaign there for the only and main reason of knowing your audience better and more closely. For example, the literacy rate of a city helps you understand that what percentage and part of the city is capable of understanding print ads or ads in languages apart from their mother tongue. This in turn helps you choose your advertising medium for your own brand promotion. It also helps you understand the areas you should concentrate on pruning and what areas are already perfect enough to appeal to your target audience.


Even understanding the different regions of a city is essential for running a successful ad campaign since various parts of a metropolitan city has people with different kinds of mentality. Often different communities reside in specific parts of one city. For instance, Dadar is one of the most popular Parsi colonies of Mumbai and the Malwani Colony, in Malad has the highest population of Muslims. Acquiring such details about the city where you intend to advertise helps you create the layout of your advertising campaign more elaborately.

Among all other factors, the most important of all is that money is not a constraint for the audience of Mumbai. In spite of having the largest slum of Asia, Mumbai is the most expensive cities of India and yet it has the largest purchasing power in the country. It is the economic capital of India

Popular Media Platforms for Advertising in Mumbai

Choosing a Media vehicle for any city is an essential part of your ad campaign since it ensures where all you’ll be able to reach and what audience you wish should take notice of you. A massive part of an advertiser’s entire budget is spent on paying the media platform, which is why small and medium enterprises should be most carefully while choosing their budget. You can choose to experiment across more economical but growing media vehicles, but at the end you must ensure that wherever you are investing, it is worth it. The right media mix can ensure maximum relevant responses for your brand.

Newspapers are a popular medium of advertising in a city like Mumbai. Along with broadsheets like Times of India which has a readership of 24.73 lakh in Mumbai, tabloids such as Mid-Day and Mumbai Mirror with a readership of 13.7 lakh & 14.78 lakh respectively in Mumbai alone are the best options for Newspaper Advertising.

Apart from these, there are many Marathi (regional) newspapers which are highly beneficial when it comes to print advertising in Mumbai. The top 3 regional newspapers in Mumbai based on their readership are Maharashtra Times (17.8 lakh readers) and Lokmat (14.5 lakh readers).


Mumbai-the city that never sleeps, is all game for Online Advertising, especially through the social media platforms such as Facebook. This city is at the top of all 5 metropolitan cities which prefers to shop online. Making yourself present online will only add to your name and business growth. People have a really hectic lifestyle in Mumbai as it is full of opportunities and requires 100% involvement and output from the working population which in turn leads to time crunches. This is one of the main reasons why the people of this city prefer to shop online. Also Google searches are extremely common and have become a necessity in the city and showing up in their searches with the help of Google Adwords is the best you can do to promote yourself online.

The next best medium for brand promotion is Radio Advertising in the economic capital of India. The top 3 FM stations of the city, in order of their popularity are Radio City-91.1 with an average listenership of 3.24 lakhs, Radio Mirchi-98.3 FM with an average listenership of 2.83 lakhs and Big FM-92.7 FM having an average listenership of 2.23 lakhs.

You can either choose a single media platform as per your requirement or simply mix and match the mediums to reach out to your audience. For more details or any query on advertising through newspapers, email us at To advertise through Radio, email and for online advertising, contact You can also call us on 09830629298 for any query related to advertising.